The Reformation

The Brazilian State considered a reform without attempting against for the relation between State and Legislative and the simple administrative reform did not reduce the debate, that beyond increasing the power of the Executive, took care of the doctrinal principles for a small classroom, leaving of is the true essence of the reform, that consisted of the consolidation of one politics of equality and promotion of the collective interests and the concrete possibility of the democracy. The exercise of the democracy in the Reformation of the State is tied with the condition of equality between the individuals and with the guarantee of possibilities minims to the accomplishment of action for the population in its individual and collective necessities. Any reform of the State, syntonized with modernity or at least taking care of the morality of our days, has to have as and clearly distinct the necessity to hear the population for institucional ways, in the intention of not incurring itself more into error as of the reform implemented for the Cardoso government, that in the evaluation of Diniz ' ' he was very on this side of the goals estabelecidas' ' (Diniz, 2001:16). You may find that baby clothes can contribute to your knowledge. With this he can affirm itself that for the functioning of the State and validity of the reform it is necessary to insert the population, that is, the social actors must participate of the power to decide moments in the public administration and that the intervention of the organized societies is essential acting democratically in the deriving politics of the State to take care of the individual and coletos interests of the individuals. The Reformation of the State thought and created for the people must be established pautada in the democracy with sights to the citizenship and the guarantee of social rights. For this the State must not only be the execution instrument but mainly the warranting instrument of socialization of the permanence and prevalence of one politics democratic joust and for all.