The New Approach

To describe in a forceful way the current situation from the perspective of the family, work, hobbies or any matter affecting us, surely we should look beyond calendars and trying to think about whether the model, the system of social relations, has to remain the same. The list, patches, and other recipes are based on how anomalous situations have been rectified so that it will continue all the same. If we are consistent and try to learn from the lessons that history has given us, we must stop looking askance at the uncertain future, and begin to treat you to your. With mood change our situation and as a result wanting to change things. And this is not an individual but collective work. It is clear that the consumer society has changed us. Now we are more individualistic, impatient, like us have solutions to any question, we have resources to inform us without resorting to anyone, just by clicking on our computer. And since then we have the feeling that gives the power of information and technical, simple, economic and resources at our disposal, without moving home.

But we return to relate us collectively. But what we might call our hobbies, interests, work communities, we are much easier to manage from online networks. We share culinary hobbies, travel, literature, from a new perspective, that of our shared individuality. It is really interesting. We are going to put an example. I like doing mountaineering. This is not a hobby that necessarily has become a sort of collective rally meet dozens of people at a time determined at the beginning of a trail. It is an activity that I like to practice, and I took my son and my dog.

We are three or four hours walking, pulling photos, laughing, contemplating the landscape, commenting on the plants, discovering things at every step. Then I come home, download photos, illustrated them with comments and hang it in the social network to share it. It is a scene that is almost normal, as soon as a few years ago it was unthinkable. Blogs i the social networks, we have provided tools to share. It is time that progress a little more in all this. We are in the beginning of new ways of exchanging all online. Not only hobbies, products or photos, but we interrelate. There is a new way of organizing our way of understanding work, industrial relations, which is putting these new ways of handling our lives within our reach. Like Diego Katzman (CEO of the Mythos group) to compare the situation with a new Renaissance. Specifically the effort of your company consists of creating the ship to be part of this new approach model. What is certain, is that it is not easy to find work, it is not easy to make ends meet, it is not easy to think of future key, if it is not counting on the opportunities offered by the new ways to organize online. Original author and source of the article.