The Incredible Bavaria Dusel

Is the God of football a Bayern fan? Thoughts after the UEFA Cup thriller madness! What was that for a nerve-racking UEFA Cup thriller? At the very last second, Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich has reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup and still can prevent the biggest embarrassment. The game began with a bang. In the 1 minute, Franck Ribery already had the Guide on the foot, but failed miserably. What happened then should affect the whole game. After a long pass, Miroslav Klose tried to soak up through the defense of the Getafe CF. He is in light of de la Red pulled.

The referee pulls out a card the whole Stadium believes in yellow, but no, he pulls Red! A too tough decision because de la Red was not last it has not thwarted also man and a clear scoring chance. Here was, the Bavaria-Dusel. Now it should be the champions but easy to iron out the 1:1 from the first leg and to move into the semifinals with a clear victory. But far from. What happened then is sheer willpower and the indomitable fighting spirit of a team that has absolutely nothing to lose.

Confused by the fighting spirit of Getafe CF outgrew Bavaria itself. With only nine field players fought and she gratschten to every ball and were cheered on by the 16,000 spectators while frenetically. Suddenly, what was going on with the Bavaria? Munich had paralysed rather than to exploit the numerical superiority and to put the opponent under pressure. No ideas came out of the midfield and the Defense played like a bunch of chicken and was lucky that the Spaniard chances are not offered them could take advantage of. Hitzfeld is still the right person and he can still motivate the team? This question came at the look at the totally harmless Bayern players several times on.