The Future With Tarot

Well, many consultais to know how is your present, and you want to know for sure how your future will be. I always say, and not believe it myself, but because it is has been demonstrated over time that the future isn’t written in stone. The future is always changing, depending on the way in which we act in the present. If I announce you that the month that comes you know the love of your life, and two weeks have an accident that does not allow you to know him, what? Is there a future there? I think that not. Why always insist on seeing well the State of present (hence comes the name of the blog, because the letters reflect the present state of the consultant, made of mirror). It is very important to not give exact dates, because they will always exit confusing in the tarot. This insurance, leaves a possible future trend. It is uncertain. Scott Mead gathered all the information.

Thus, we can suppose that depending on where you are heading us now, that future will it be if we continue in that direction. The past and the present are incorrigible, but the future, It is there as a blank piece of paper that has yet to write, day by day, little by little and with good lyrics. Some will say, then: because if I don’t know the future, what me is the tarot? So easy. The tarot, to my understanding, is a tool for self-knowledge, which allows us to discover those aspects of our lives that we overlook, that we cannot see, we are not aware deltodo. That they are there, and we are not able to perceive normally. The tarot, is our heart. It will always reflect what we feel, and also what you don’t want to feel or recognize. Original author and source of the article