The Family

Those who have a lot of money youneed to save the families with low incomes. they need to borrow money for larger purchases than current consumption. Large capital entails great care of him, and taking care of capital – business professionals. Thus, income is an important criterion of segmentation as a factor influencing the vector and the volume of needs for financial services. Secondly, at various stages of the life cycle of household needs in a completely different financial services. Starting an independent life at the institute’s bench, a young man, you may need a loan for tuition.

Upon graduation, he was ready to create the marriage and the initial arrangement of life, respectively – to consumer lending. Further, with increasing career and income, with the advent of the offspring, the family thinks about improving their housing conditions, and the bank can offer this household mortgage program. In a more mature age people start caring about making retirement savings in what they can also help the bank. In other words, the demand for financial services over the life households strongly transformed, so the family life cycle stage is the correct criterion for market segmentation. Could be limited to these two planes in the construction of a system of segmentation, if the individual psychological characteristics do not have a serious impact on the consumption of financial services. In fact, brought up by several crises, denominations, and other ‘surprises’ banking sector, the Russians are often very different attitude to the financial services market.