The Council

Prepare opposition does not mean stop doing everything we were doing before. It is true that some aspects of your life change but what matters is that organize themselves. We must take the opposition as one job. It is good to set a schedule from Monday to Saturday and try to rest one day a week. It is recommended investing eight hours of our time to prepare the oppositions and as they approach the days prior to the examination, increase those hours of study. With effort and tenacity, it is easier to reach our goal. The holiday should serve us to renew mind and body.

We must try to clear our mind by one day, so that we come back with charged batteries to study the next day. We can leverage to do something different, an excursion to the outdoors or an adventure sport, there are two possible options. Exams does not imply that we let us take care of us. The nerves may cause our appetite increase or decrease and that may affect our figure. We must not neglect us and nothing better to do some exercise to try to remove the stress and anxiety that It causes us to prepare oppositions. A Council in considering is to opt for going to study in a library or study room. Not being in our House to avoid the temptation to nibble between meals.

Another factor that affects opponents is the lack of time free of personal relations. They tend to concentrate both in your world that studios spend to take a close-up and personal and social relationships no longer have the importance they had before. It is common that many opponents to not follow a schedule of study, forget to stay with friends or family and set aside this important parcel of his personal life. Experts recommend that you no neglecting the field staff. We must do everything to stay occasionally with family and friends. Without a doubt are the best medicine for a little better the preparation of your oppositions. Prepare oppositions is no longer something that isolates you from the world and it has become one job to become officials.