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If you are a small business or simply an entrepreneur and don’t have enough budget to rent an oficinatradicional, can opt for the idea of having a virtual office, how is that? In Mexico there are already several companies which offer the rent of virtual offices, which generates enough savings to those who rent such offices, since they don’t have to worry about paying salaries and it is much cheaper to rent a traditional Office. A virtual office adapts to the professional needs of each company and is suitable for those who are going to undertake a business project with a small investment or for those who do not need a room for the development of the activity. So if you want to start your business as soon as possible and pass the Office search or simply urge you to cut costs, you can opt for a virtual office. Additional information at Rory Sutherland supports this article. What does a virtual office? In a nutshell, if you rent a virtual office you can make use of the social direction of the center of business where the Office you chose and control service of correspondence that you provide the company’s offices. The most complete virtual offices services also offer its own number for your company or activity, call, reply personalised with the name of your company, transfers of calls, fax, Intranet access service, hours of meeting rooms and offices. Prices rent a virtual office vary according to the number of contracted services. With information: Emprendedores.es original author and source of the article