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Writing Sales Letters

I like very much to express in words what is in my head. No matter if it sounds messy, if it sounds inconsistent, if not logical, it does not matter. That, then transcribe it to one and when you already have on paper, already a weapon can be organized and your sales. But very likely, too, people will not have good spelling, not sure where to put a comma or semicolon, and you were not sure of the accents, that's why there are people, professionals, editors engaged in that sort of thing . So, not all, but most sales letters, I the way for a final filter, after that everything is ready, the way to another provider in Argentina Lucci called Hilda, and Hilda tildes corrects me , semicolons, connectors between paragraphs, you see that we are using the correct word, and so on. So it's a process that is well worth investing. Now, not everyone will be able to invest in a commercial copywriter, not everyone will be able to invest in a transcript and not all world will invest in a literary correction. No bar to begin.

Write the best you can of your sales letter, give it a read to a friend, a colleague, a strategic partner, request information, make a test to see if it works or does not work, polish and re-polishing. And then word processor yque no one corrects her accent marks? Word does, any other word processor does, that if you have commas in the right place, no problem, you are not writing as a Garcia Marquez is not writing or any other great writer of history, no problem. You are not writing to win a contest or to win literature Nobel Prize in any category.