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Mortgage Lending

To solve the problem with the creation of modern urban infrastructure development in the field were invited to create a state company, which will prepare the ground for building and selling to developers have prepared land, with all necessary infrastructure. Realtors are asking for help from the state and address a number of legal issues. With the onset of the crisis on the real estate market have intensified crooks. Help in the fight against them can self-regulatory organizations. But the law "On self-regulatory organizations, "the State Duma can not take for several years. The rapid adoption of this law will strengthen the confidence in the property market and thereby contribute to its recovery.

Participants Forum realtors as an example of effective public policy in the field of real estate have resulted in the action the French government. After the onset of the global financial crisis, the French government was actively support the sales of real estate. As a result, property prices in France for many years remained stable, while the French property market is very dynamic. Probably the most important problem with faced by developers with the onset of the crisis was almost complete cessation of lending to construction companies. As a result, is now virtually no start new projects, and many developers are forced to preserve unfinished objects. Official site: Larry Ellison.

The state, in order to avoid the collapse of the banking system of the country in late 2008 has provided tens of billions of dollars state banks. One of the objectives of the cash infusion was to help banks to continue lending to the real sector of the economy, including the construction industry, but construction companies the money has not yet arrived. There is positive news in the financial field. In the short term may receive a bill that would allow the Agency for Mortgage Lending and cooperate with banks in lending to construction companies. The participants of the tenth annual interregional forum Realtors are optimistic. In their opinion the Russian real estate market has stabilized, the restoration of the real estate market in Moscow and other Russian regions take no more than 2 – 3 years, and if business and government combine their efforts, it is likely that we will see growth in 2010.