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The few doctors who are enabled in prevention of diseases will agree in which the best thing is to prevent the chronic and progressive problems such as the ebb tide with acid, in particular the disease of gastroesofgico ebb tide (GERD, by its abbreviations in English), that simply to medicar itself with medical prescriptions. For example, in a realised study, 4 of each 10 patients showed an improvement simply changing a little their feeding. What changes are necessary in the feeding? To avoid the foods that cause ebb tide of cidoPara to begin, you must know some foods specific that can bring about an episode of ebb tide of acid to almost all the people who undergo GERD. The spirits, caffein, the chocolate, the pepper and the green mint are including in this category. It is demonstrated that for many people, the spirits and caffein are additions difficult to surpass but they are important if you have GERD. Another great enemy of that they undergo GERD is gaseous drinks. Whereas many people do not drink refreshments, for those people who do yes it she can be to them difficult to leave the habit. The same happens to fried foods and the meats with high greasy content.

Whereas a protein ingestion sufficient is necessary to maintain muscles of the gastrointestinal zone, the fats are due to avoid that commonly accompany proteins. A good form to make sure to obtain a nutrition adapted without saturated fats is to eat many fruits, cereals and vegetables. They only ten well-taken care of with citric and acid foods. In addition, you would have to be kind to the intolerance and the allergies to certain foods that can favor the appearance of episodes of acid ebb tide. Probably you obtain incredible benefits if consultations to a dietician so that it designs a suitable nutritional plan for you and eliminates the majority of the episodes of acid ebb tide.

The correct form to eat For some people, GERD is only one question of excess in the ingestion and what foods ingest. Your stomach, like the rest of the body, requires a moderate use and periods of rest. If you eat all along or if you eat in excess during the meals, you will sobredemand not only to your stomach but also to all your gastrointestinal system. It eats in reasonable form and spaced meals to diminish the possibility of undergoing acid ebb tide. The complex carbohydrates surrounded by much fiber are a good option. One of the forms simplest to do it is to eat integral rice, bread and you graze integral instead of its versions of white color. The fiber will help you to feel satiety with more rapidity and you will hope by more time until the next food. You do not lie down up to one hour after the meals. In order to obtain better results, it realises a recreational long walk after each food. You do not feel crushed by all those new forms to consider to foods. Test incorporating a thing simultaneously. Some of the foods that you will be able to eat freely can be apples, brcoli, bananas, Popes, cabbage, carrots, kidney beans, peas, bread, cereal, salty oats and cakes. Test foods and adds to your list those that do not cause acid ebb tide to you.