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Civil Code

If you want, look at art. 244 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. It expressly states that the power of attorney – is "a written document issued by one person to another, to represent to third parties." AND everything! Another interesting article. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Larry Ellison. 248 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. It establishes the right of the principal at any time revoke the power of attorney and entrust the car to another person. And that other person has full and legitimate right select your vehicle at any convenient time. The question of money you paid will not solve it, and with the owner of the car, if you find it. There are limitations associated with the term of powers of attorney.

If the power of attorney given time period for which it was issued, by the end of this period, power of attorney is automatically terminated, and to extend its action may only person who issued the warrant. In the case of death of the owner recognition of his car or incapacitated (mentally abnormal), power of attorney automatically becomes null and void, and the car goes to the heirs. Imagine that some bitchy wife (Married women not to be offended will forgive, it does not belong to you), through which the husband went to an untimely grave, wants to regain sold them a car? What do you oppose it? Enough of her statement to police, to come to you a police patrol with machine guns and took away from you 'illegally held by someone else's property. " Complain to the prosecutor or where else is useless, can hardly be that – or prove. Similar situations occur in the case of divorce of the principal and his expensive half. Now imagine that something god forbid happened to you. Action as a power of attorney automatically terminates and your heirs will face the question, what about the motor vehicle do? It is possible that the legal owner does not want to even talk to them.