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The Chrome Master Plan: Such As Google Rivals Microsoft

The portal to a new Internet age weakens the mountain view search giant / Nuremberg, August 12, 2009 – which is chrome browser for Google’s founders Sergey Brin and Larry page at the real time Web. In the future, people will do online a larger part of their work, the two billionaires believe: that they bring out new programs: Google Docs is an Office software package, which runs only on the net. Google wave, a combination of email, chat and shared document editing, the communication should turn. The sleek operating system chrome OS that is optimized for these Web programs, should make from 2010 even Windows obsolete. And under which the Group sold its Internet software label Google apps already now to corporate customers\”, business week reported. Almost en passant, Google come as close as it seemed unthinkable recently the people with the offers.

Soon you will save a large part of their data in the network. Experts call it cloud computing. Programs are no longer on the PC, but in the cloud ‘, vulgo: on the Internet. The most important prerequisite is a fast browser\”, so the economic week. Computer users but still largely set the Microsoft programs. According to Forrester research about four-fifths of the corporate clients use the Office software Office in Redmond. How much harder, however, would switching to the competition be if people of Google’s trust multiple services and laid off documents, E-Mails, contacts and photos to the servers of the search group.

\”That will make chrome: multiple tasks at the same time do independently of each other\”, writes the economic week. The Internet expert Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for the Voice days plus in Nuremberg, has Google wave for the ultimate weapon in the fight against Microsoft. Under the buzzword of unified communication’ as well as collaboration’ communication and business processes should be merged usefully.