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? recently on the net has been a new era, the era of the blog, where most people create your blog now is free or pay, some do just to have a space on the net, showing their images, feelings or simply so that others can see certain information, or because no having a blog of game as well, as every day we all know the internet is growing at an extremely rapid rate, because with a blog we inadvertently can draw you some money, but here the question is how to we can make some money to a blog, as well there are plenty of programs as well as adsense or affiliate programs, or selling links, sounds something rare or sometimes unusual but most not to say all the webmasters earn money with your website one way or another, here the only thing that must be taken is willing to work on blogs, clear a blog is like any other work we need to invest time, and obviously much effort and work with some of this will achieve that our little space on the net us give up something of fruits. Blogs can treat many topics, computer, earn money, on your life, above some book, trucks, or what your you want, simply type in them, devote a small part of your time and you’re done. I hope that this article will be very useful and will help you to take on the internet. Note don’t need to be a computer expert to be able to undertake, the knowledge is acquired over time..