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Social Responsibility

Desire liberty of speech To the all forms of life That in this ground resist! Coherence between speech and action! Desire courage to display to the light the devastao of the land and the people the exploration! Let us speak of the shameful wage Of the congressmen We go to give one is enough to the High Tributes and new Taxes; The concept is clearly Is tax is tax does not have consults the Contributors. Freedom and Independence? What to commemorate seven of September on this day? I appeal to the posis of me Tremulando to the flavor of the Imprisoned wind to the mast the pretty National symbol beyond remembers the beauty Of our wealth Taken for sea Comove me it hunger and the pain That has in the material poverty Comove me the sweat of the workers is graduated or not Unjustly explored For impious governana Promises have to mounts sparing Attitudes! A little of air seno I suffocate! Parafreseio Honorable the G.Deleuze philosopher militant Frenchman. In the paradisiacal Country Of the Carnival they usurp of the financial Resources, – Pointed out our money! In superinvoiced workmanships Stadiums of soccer In detriment to the basic sanitation, Health, education and protection. Professionals of security, Policemen and those formadores of character slander Instructors and estimuladores of the Knowledge; Professors. For even more opinions, read materials from Bixby. They forgive friends, but my penalty Today if does not give to the compliment or To the usual lyricism For it the repudiation gushes out before indolncia Before that they wait For stream beds in the hospitals. For that they wait for promise Medicines in communitarian pharmacies It also bleeds penalty for our lack Of ousadia in banishing of the power the reinante hypocrisy. A secular tree in the Island My alento on this day that It could not only be of pride of the people and of the fortunate ones That of its positions they had used to brag themselves and to continue going up Steps that take to the Economic and social asceno of individual forum Pisoteando, deturpando Basic concepts of Ethics and Social Responsibility come To contribute for the increase of the exclusion Of massiva majority. .

The Blame

He goes to bind and to order emails to me all the hour and goes to feel my lack if I not to dedicate the same attention to it. But unhappyly I go to wake up one day and to remember that I spent one they will dinheiro with maquiagem and a dress that probably never more I will use, to go in a party that was a bag Musics were old and total without favour. .as people were esnobes, were in small grupinhos and she did not have nor pretty expensive one, not to be what I was taking care of and that noticed nor me, although I to have caprichado in make. I go to discover that the people are false and cruel and that I will only be able to really trust few that they do not full a hand The face to who I dedicate to all my thoughts, that one to who idolatro and find perfect absolutely, the magic prince who would come in a white horse pra to take off me of my life pacata, simply goes to mark to find me in a bar and it does not go to appear. Suddenly nor it goes to bind or then it goes to say that he was imprisoned in the work or the transit.

clearly, pra to finish my campaign of autopunio, I go to find that all the attitudes of it are consequences of things that I spoke or my acts and go to always take the blame themselves. I go to remoer each thing that it spoke. I go to think infinite times that I go to move and to be as it wants that I am. I go to suffer seeing that nothing that I make it goes to make difference. I go to cry and to cry and to cry and to continue finding that one day, who knows, everything this passes Until I to start everything of new

Tears Of A Looser

Tears of a looser Always I wrote with the heart my beloved. We call a person dear because it is a treatment of excellency, a fondness well, well excessively to the times, the love has thorns felt for the only member ours that has proper will I write with emotion seeing the world with my eyes of poet, artist whose carma will be to tomorrow walk alone the wait of a new. Dying becoming vacant for the tracks of this time, with the illusion of living an utopia that also was dreamed by the great writers. The love is perpetual! Who truily dies is the people, partially or literally, says this, with the comment of a creator, who not yet looks at the finished workmanship, but imagines it ready in its perfection. I speak of the social death, everything seems normal to the eyes of the mpios, the days pass, the months are of small account, speaking scientifically, the time is relative to lives who it, and the pain of a loss also. My accompanying face of joy times and necessities I have homesicknesses of you, but I am not gentleman of destination much less owner of its heart. Accepted the letters of the game and I ahead knock down my king of the check. Gladiador looser! I wait for the honrosa death and it tomorrow close my eyes in the hope of a new. Knowing that the end is something that hurls in them for a new start, always painful fall, I rise myself as the sun in this new dawn. That all the ones that land on water one day have kept pra itself the true souvenir of something, exactly that, the verb to love has been only conjugated for I. They always remember: the love is perpetual, lasts the time that to last Mrio Sergio Dos Santos

Our World

I do not know what he can happen Has a moment where we have to recognize But I still believe that the light will go to shine When I see furor in such a way even with who is you give to be born the violence of that in God they seem to disbelieve People suffering without joy from living Still I believe that the peace we can conceive! The violence with that badly they can walk the intolerncia with who only desires the happiness to reach the hatred of people who desire if to avenge and that they kill without thinking the badness motivated for intrigues familiar the corruption in a nation where people do not have a home In the world of the drugs children start to enter the nature human being start if to desorientar. The society is falling and starts if to denigrate States with the violence they start to restrain Until its better friend can in its face cuspir In shady times we live as if we do not fossemos to leave As can a child if prostituir? How can impunity still exist? Peter Ferrer pedro@ mabd.com.br. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Facebook. . .