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What you should look for and what are the advantages of wood? A building with a natural building materials such as wood has many advantages. The wood for its processing required relatively little energy. The excellent thermal insulation saves a lot of heating energy. In a question-answer forum Dun & Bradstreet was the first to reply. The prefabricated houses are built into many prefabricated houses of wood-based materials and also the renewable raw materials, such as, for example, wood, thermal insulation. The wood as a particularly long-lasting building material. The resulting wood products and wood-based materials are a natural CO2 storage. Wood has an excellent eco-balance over its entire lifetime.

A ton of pine which is the most important building material – absorbs up to 1.85 tons of CO2 during its growth and stores it. A new, modern detached house with 140 square meters of living space contains approximately 15 tons of wood and wood-based materials. Suitable products such as, for example, soft fibre panels used for good insulation of the House (for example for the walls and roof), still more to come 10 tons of wood added. Also the micro-climate within the living benefits thereof, as quite natural manner to create a healthy atmosphere. Wood protection does not now completely chemical.

On the basis of the proper installation of dry wood products and the choice of especially resistant species in question wood preservatives are no longer an issue now. Also in financial terms, the use of wood in construction is worthwhile because it helps to reduce high heating costs. The wood is known as a very poor conductor of heat. This affects however positive effect. The heat remains in the House in winter. In the summer, however, it remains outside. The wood makes it difficult the penetration you simply. So, it remains comfortably cool without air conditioning. Text agency EtMa consulting

Interior Design – A Feast For The Senses

A sensual interpretation – interior design-interior design – a feast for the senses of Golden clouds move across the sky Studio, and small silky shimmering bees hover over the character tables. Freshly dyed fabrics in purple and honey yellow dry on the shower tray, and in all rooms depends on the warm aromas of honey and beeswax. No one had noticed the stand with the stylish black glasses, was neither came up with the idea, it could be honey, still cooking stood still to taste test and explanations about light protective glass to listen to – despite the crisp white table cloth and the floral blouse of market women. As had become clear: A real eye catcher they lure and a sweet seduction needed! The architect is accustomed from their circle of friends, she was but an interior designer? Apparently, are trusted more beyond the terrain a woman of statics and construction costs and sees it like that creative ideas want to be paid. Therefore private contracts for which are inevitably Since the establishment of the social housing Interior almost completely disappeared. Lost are the times, when the Board of Directors of the bourgeois family equip at least the staterooms with lush decor, which gave a worthy frame family pictures. Here, everything had breathed gentility and good quality. And only when this breath had assumed him with the great wars, the heirlooms had served out from the Wilhelminian era and–once very modern – Art Deco.

The latter had been never usually “real”: popular imitations had washed thousands of times the style of the great masters of the interior design, often architect, interior designer, and industrial designer in one person, in the apartments, which economical weight had given no room long of Art Nouveau design will tries in floral ornaments. The clear-cutting of the Bauhaus is swept over it. Decor was frowned upon, and sparse functionalism was nothing than the simple expediency of form and material. The soul of the everyday life of the Normal consumer was starving, and a new sense of style snuck in through the back door: you could decorate his rooms self with beautiful things by artisans and the emerging everywhere “gift shops”. From the holiday you brought “Ambience”, conjured up rural flair into the urban environment and transfigured not only the balcony with Mediterranean charm. distinctive sensuous concepts”interior design the Interior Designer found work in the production and presentation. Created a market for “Lifestyle”, and there is now no furniture store without a Department with decoration. The customer find what is pleased his eye and warms his heart.

The interior designer has meanwhile focused on working spaces – tax-deductible – interior design: in doctor’s offices and hairdressing salons, in the halls of the banks and insurance companies, hotels and hospitals, from shopping malls and airports is immersed the economic life in a pervasive climate of well-being. The interior design with its, With the leadership of light and sound, and the experience of distance and concentration determines color control systems not only mood and performance, but also the security and smooth steering of huge flows of people. The Interior Designer provides an orientation in the jungle of our modern business world – with the interior design and be it only on a craft market.

Henner Liege

Many factors that determine the success of a region, aren’t of the regions themselves or directly influenced only to a small extent. Investment in infrastructure, for example, depend on grants of parent regional units. Hanesbrands Inc describes an additional similar source. Tax rates are not at all or only in a relatively small amount of subordinate regional units can be determined. “This causes often that regions develop no location strategies with the argument we can influence anything”. Regions are therefore limited to site advertising.

“” “” “” There are many green lungs of Europe “with cultural activities, that meet the highest standards”, tourist highlights, highly motivated workforce”, a highly educated population,”and a Hochtechnologiecluster”. This advertising is wrong, slightly transparent in the rule and the destinations in the region not it appropriately, because the Target group discourages rather than attracts. While it is possible to influence the factors that appear to not be influenced at first glance for regions. The control of these factors by the regions is however a string of short-term actions and long-term planning. For example, The productivity of an industry in a region as average gross value added per person employed in this industry in this region is formed in the company and is not influenced by the regions. Companies often like to attract in regions with a high productivity. You expect very well trained and motivated workforce, as well as an environment in social and cultural terms, that enables this high productivity in these regions.

By targeted long-term promotion of this particular industry, this is not the pure financial support, infrastructure measures, which are especially useful in education, research, transport and social facilities, this industry can succeed, young and/or high to attract productive companies in this sector. This can lead to a crowding-in effect in this industry. This in turn has the desired positive effect on the overall productivity of this industry in this region, which has become more attractive as a result for other companies within the appropriate industry. The non-influenceable factor productivity is influenced very well in a roundabout way through the region. However, these measures require a long breath and a location strategy, which is situated for a period of 15-20 years. This location strategy first requires an analysis of the location, a sober inventory of the region. The site analysis answered the question where is the region compared to other regions? “.” This site analysis must conform to of course the site objectives. The location strategy will be to support the region’s natural strengths and mitigate potential weaknesses that run the site strategy contrary to. Target will usually not be the rough alignment a Region to change completely. So, it will make little sense, for example, to make a tourist-oriented region with great natural charms, a relatively unspoiled nature and a low population density to a Schwerindustriecluster. The location strategy aims rather, finding suitable uses for the individual conditions of discover, a region or city and municipality, to provide pleasant living conditions of the people of the region. In principle there are no bad locations or regions, only sites which are not of any use and suitable for any company. Site analysis is the first step in the strategy of the site as a sober inventory. Henner Liege

Glastec Glastec

Effective fire protection is one of the most important tasks in the new buildings. To prevent the outbreak and spread of fire, the best construction materials should be selected. Stephanskirchen, July 2010-with glass modern light-flooded offices and administrative buildings meet the present demands for flexible jobs, transparent entrance areas, representative lobbies, meeting and meeting rooms. At the same time, the required fire protection can be realized with glass. That enable architectural design freedom and certified, certified fire protection fire protection glass of Glastec Rosenheimer glass technology. Transparent, large-scale fire-resistant facades and roofs are no longer vision with the glass systems by Glastec they are reality long ago! Glastec: Specialist in preventive fire protection Glastec Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of special glass, so also in the field of preventive fire protection glass. Fire protection is in public buildings, such as office buildings particularly important.

The fire protection specialist Glastec has completed today numerous tests and certifications in the field of fire protection glass. In conjunction with frame materials made of steel and wood fire protection needs 60 to egg. Pyroplan elegant fire butt joint the glasses of the butt joint system Pyroplan are fire-resistant laminated glass, the the production of butt joint glazing for all glass walls of fire resistance class EI 30 and EI 60 suitable for. With Pyroplan a filigree and disc to disc flush butt joint glazing is strongly for the request of EI of 60. Pyroplan – en in wood frame and steel frame tested and certified approximately 19 mm strongly at the request of egg possible, 30, 31 mm! Planline the solution for high demands and additional requirements the PLANLINE fire protection system represents a completely flush with the frame glazing, mechanically, but invisible in the Frame construction is held and in thicknesses can be manufactured up to 150 mm. Design highlight in the fire protection using glass by Glastec: a pane of glass on glass without optical interruption of glazing units with intermediate posts and construction.

In fire tests in the domestic and abroad fire resistance classes according to the EN standards have been 30 egg, reached 60. In all Planline systems perspective, blend, integrate in between the panes sun protection systems. Planline Glastec offers a first-class multifunctional glass partitioning system for interior design and fire protection. Fire insulating glass by Glastec: variable and multifunctional a fire about 30 to 60 minutes the fire insulating glass by Glastec ensure on the basis of fire-resistant laminated glasses. In addition to the possibility of continuous glazing offer fire protection insulation glasses multifunctional and multimedia-compatible applications. Sun – or vision protection measures into the space this blind or films, sound, alarm protection or insulation. The Disc spaces are producible from 8 mm, so that can be delivered from 28 mm total thickness of slices. The tested and certified fire protection glass of Glastec offer reliable protection against fire, smoke and heat. Make quick and easy installation. Also the extension to additional functions, such as Sun, protection against glare and are possible.

Design Object

Steel reinforcement as a design object packed writing instruments construction steel in concrete who believes that reinforcing bars are only for embedding, which is wrong. Cut into manageable pieces, with drilling and mining, the ribbed traction amplifier emit highly creative writing. What seems often so easily flowed to the reader from the pen, is usually hard work for the writer. Writing is hell, have written of the sky,\”confirmed Schreibtrainerin Sibylle Krause-Burger, the German author and journalist. Bill O’Grady describes an additional similar source. The right tools can dramatically facilitate the work.

This applies to the writing Guild as well as for the carpenters, the installer or the masons: whatever the joiner’s plane, the installer its thread clamp and the Mason trowel, is the writer of his pen or filler. Of course facilitate technological achievements such as computer and laptop work. Without writing but also the most advanced author does not come out as well as the Mauerer can give despite blender and plaster not on hammer and trowel. Industry product redefined with his writing instruments from rebar, stainless steel or copper pipes the German Interior Designer and designer animated Axel Huhold to the lustful writing and sketching – whether in the Office or on the construction site. Here, Bill O’Grady expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Because the pens which are global design factory – the name of Huholds ideas and design – not only an eye-catcher in the hand of the designer or construction draughtsman, but also a useful companion in the rigors of the construction site. Virtually indestructible even a still so rough handling can have little them. No matter if they fall from the scaffolding on the bare concrete floor or accidentally stepped on it with work shoes is the robust reinforcement steel pins are not to kill\”, guarantees the inventor of unconventional writing tool. The idea that Huhold came, as he almost ten years ago as construction manager for the extension of the Spa in the luxury hotel to the bleach\”in Burg in Spreewald worked.

Caution Level Tips

Tripped, slipped and plunged many stair accidents the users pass through reckless behavior. But also structural defects may cause injuries. Despite the increased installation of escalators and elevators in many buildings, stairways are indispensable between the floors. During daily use, accidents happen again and again. The number amount according to the professional trade associations on 36,000 stair accidents a year, of which 800 permanent damage resulted. The reasons are to a large extent on the personal misconduct of the employees, visitors or users of stairs. Also structural defects or purpose alienation could adversely affect the safety of stairways. Must be followed to keep as low as possible the number of incidents with injury, only a few simple tips: Sicherheitsgerechtes behavior for the prevention of accidents on stairways plays the sensitizing of the employees a significant role.

The potential risk stairs, not perceived as such, and accordingly prepared to take risks to deal. Regular teachings, hanging out with operating instructions can this be thinking to cast and a security awareness. Quiet, safe walking: tripping, falling or slipping accidents are often hectic, due to time pressure and haste. Several levels are taken at once to save time. This overzealous behavior can lead to stumble and finally dangerous falls with a large risk of injury. Attention: The stair climbing is done mostly by the way and passed long ago in routine while working. Just because the potential risk underestimated or ignored, it comes to the represented”or stumbling.

It is recommended to concentrate and to allow no distractions during the use of stairs. Proper cleaning of stairs: even when cleaning staircases can result in danger. This includes for example the use of too much detergent, which the Increases the risk of slipping. Cleaning should not perform also in pause or after work hours. During the stair cleaning warning signs or ground markings should indicate the risk of slipping on the stairs.

German Agency

“SHRINKAGE future communication agency positioned ZERNA engineers new engineering future”: with this claim, the ZERNA-INGENIEURE GmbH with its headquarters in Bochum positioned itself in the future. The claim is part of an overall concept, with which the international operating engineering company the SHRINKAGE ‘ mandated agency for future communication. The Bonn Agency will create for ZERNA first new look the print and online communications. Consulting, planning and quality assurance in engineering: These are tasks, which turns the ZERNA INGENIEURE GmbH INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT for three decades. Scott Kahan gathered all the information. The company has in addition to the headquarters in Bochum nationwide seven branch offices in Berlin, Cologne and Munich. Core competence is the quality assurance in engineering. Some 300 experts of all construction areas and departments work in specialist teams that are all over the world: from Turkey to Taiwan, from Italy to Indonesia. The art of engineering design is to forestall difficulties during construction and in advance Solutions to develop. Scott Kahan may find this interesting as well.

“We make this claim not only ourselves, but also our communications agency” emphasised Dipl.-ing. Ulrich Poggeler, one of the five ZERNA CEO: we opted for SHRINKAGE ‘ because the Agency particularly in light of its extensive expertise and creativity has understood our task. ” This consisted in the Emotionalising of the brand ZERNA, inter alia through a further development of the corporate design, which will show up now in the design of the central media: image communication from a single source for successful German engineering art. ZERNA by a team led by agency owner Andre Schwind, consisting of Erich Seewald (concept, text), Roger Thomas (art direction) and Julia Wagner (project management) will be supported..

Microsystem Technology

Since 2007, the Fraunhofer IAO with the help of the joint research project developing”future construction” (FUCON) an innovation network to construct methods and strategies for the sustainable building of tomorrow. In addition to the Fraunhofer IAO, among others also Schuco, ThyssenKrupp, and the Institute for construction management of the University of Stuttgart in this network participate. The current research projects have their priorities in building strategic innovation management and the knowledge-based planning methods of digital production. The scenarios is designed for the construction industry of the future deal among other things with the theme parametric age 2020. There the possibilities for individual building are explored using innovative processes, to meet future highest customer and environmental requirements. Also, part of FUCON is building the innovation radar. This acts as a kind of library of all construction innovations and thus supports the various processes of construction planning and building research. Intelligent energy systems and greater safety in tunnels by wireless sensors the efficient use of renewable energies is a research focus of the Fraunhofer ISE.

The development of intelligent energy systems to ensure the sustainable production and use of renewable energy. The modern information and communication systems of the Fraunhofer ISE can also untapped potential and thus gradually build up a sustainable energy system. With the SmartEnergyLab, a State of the art test laboratory for energy systems in the distribution network, homes can also smart, smart grid technologies are effectively analyzed and be developed further. The Fraunhofer EMI developed an energy self-sufficient wireless sensor network in cooperation with the Institute for Microsystem Technology (IMTEK) the University of Freiburg and the EnOcean GmbH. This can improve safety in tunnels or collapse-prone buildings sustainably. Each wireless sensor node are incorporating into the walls of a building and provide a timely and clear assessment that significantly improved the safety of evacuation and rescue operations in the event of an emergency.

The effectiveness of energy-autonomous wireless sensor network could already be detected in a large-scale trial. Systematic examination of buildings in r & d Fraunhofer Alliance construction the Fraunhofer alliance building for more information about research & development of the Fraunhofer alliance building in the area includes 16 research institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Spread over 27 locations in Germany and two locations in the United States more than 4,800 employees in the institutions of the Alliance work. Objective of the alliance building is significant as research-relevant issues about building completely within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft to represent and edit. As an interdisciplinary organization acting as an interface between business, research and policy. The Fraunhofer-Allianz building acts also as indicator and initiator of new and innovative topics related to the research of construction of. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft operates more than 80 research institutions, of which 60 institutions in Germany. More than 18,000 employees and staff, predominantly with natural or engineering and scientific education, edit the annual research budget of 1.7 billion euros.

Erhard Baschnagel

Four flexible concepts were created based on the results of the workshop. From this, the client chose his preferred solution and Freyler modified it according to his wishes. Result is an individual facility on an area of a total of 2,000 m, of 1,620 m for the production and 360 m for the administration. Ripple pursues this goal as well. It takes into consideration efficient communication and production processes as well as future growth: on two sides it can be expanded a total 45 percent of the current area. To enable this, Freyler played a further trump card: the comprehensive site analysis.

The land provided by the city of Radeberg was not optimal. Therefore, Freyler pointed out another possibility and discussed the pros and cons with the builders. Finally it was decided for the alternative land directly opposite the planned ground. Now the Cellpack GmbH holds the option on the Adjoining property and can be increased if necessary. Turnkey delivery”was already before the balance sheet date in accordance with the home advantage the execution in the experienced hands of the industrial farmer from Riesa. Erhard Baschnagel was informed but always about the current state of his new building thanks to a detailed schedule and budget, as well as his direct contact in Kenzingen, engineer Thomas Kindler: because it was not the first project of this kind, we worked together excellently internally.

We were able to create a sustainable and attractive building for Cellpack, which was ready even before the originally scheduled date.” The proper procedure is attributed to the expertise of the Industriebauers, the exact planning in advance and the flexibility in the execution. Already during the design phase, special solutions, as well as all technical details of the new building have been defined. To save floor space, Freyler suggested a ver pusher don’t care system for the camp. This guarantees a high Area and volume efficiency. Development tests and type testing of medium – and high-voltage cable accessories are carried in the high-voltage laboratory. Therefore, it was important that this section is earthed and can be completely darkened. Moreover, Freyler integrated all operation necessary connections in the new building, such as the cold water of the injection molding.

Take Merten MOVE

Light switch with Z-Wave wireless technology increases flexibility and comfort in the home Copenhagen, 06 October 2008 who gladly admits to or is built around, knows the problem: light switch missing always exactly where they are needed. The manufacturer Merten presents MOVE a light switch, which can be freely placed anywhere in the House and enables high flexibility in interior design. As part of the Merten CONNECT radio system, the switch uses the Z-Wave technology and therefore completely dispenses with the laying of cables or lifting up of walls. Who his living room renovated, redesigned and expanded, knows the problem: often switch for lighting, blinds, not in the places where they are needed, etc.. Ripple understands that this is vital information. During the renovation, this leads to complications because the layout always must adhere to the existing electrical installation. The MOVE\”to be new interior design ideas or realize conversion scenarios.

The subsequent and spontaneous placement of dimming and switching options are Building modernisation and repairs of a high degree of flexibility. The switch can be glued or screwed on plaster. a surface-flush installation with corresponding mounting E.g. in wooden surfaces is also possible. Under cleaning treatments are not necessary. So the lighting in closets can be E.g. subsequently implemented.

Existing lighting installations can be expanded with the wireless switch to a mobile switching option. Of the 2006 good design award Chicago Athenaeum Museum of architecture and design excellent radio push-button connect move can also be removed from its wall socket and free places. \”So the residents added convenience, since he receives the MOVE\” as a little remote from the bed or from the bathtub can use, for example, the light to Dim or turn off. \”Merten radio system CONNECT: sure the MOVE is connected\” is part of the Merten radio system CONNECT, an intelligent wireless system based on the Z-Wave technology for wireless communication by Electrical appliances.