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Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin that is and how it works. You have to know that the Recycle Bin this located on the desktop which is the first screen you see when Kindle your pc. Read additional details here: baby clothes. Whenever borreis a file or you delete without wanting to and what you please recover you have that know what that file is found in the Recycle Bin of reciclaje(icono papelera) situais the cursor of your mouse (white arrow) over the icon and dais double left click, once inside the trash you look for the file that you want to recover you put the cursor of your mouse over the file and this time you give click right and in the occiones you will see one that says restore that file which is found where give you left click and already restored abreis was at the beginning. A file is not deleted permanently but is deleted from the Recycle Bin to delete them definitely only you have that put the cursor icon encila give right click and left click on the option (empty recycle bin). It is good to keep the trash clean our windows will go as it has to go.