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Rotterdam is a city that stands out for its modern architecture. World War II left the historic centre of Rotterdam practically destroyed, so we do not find the charm of other cities as Amsterdam with its old houses, the small streets full of bazaars, markets, shops, museums and the atmosphere they generated. Connect with other leaders such as Royal Bank of Canada here. Everything is well planned in Rotterdam: sidewalks, bike lanes, walkways, trams. Be reached comfortably and quickly to all sites, either to walking, by car, by public transport or by bike. This is an obsession for architecture and design. In any corner of Rotterdam we can find a sculpture, a drawing or any urban element with a daring, different, original design.

An example of this are the cubic houses in Rotterdam, designed by Piet Blom in 1984 and that have become one of the most visited places in the city, and in one of its emblems. In Roterman were built the first and more high skyscraper in Europe, that stand out next to the old buildings that resisted the bombardments. The Euromast Tower offers spectacular views of the city from its 185 meters in height, and although the visit is not exactly cheap, worth. Visits to the port, to the Zoo and Oceanium, in which you can walk through a tunnel surrounded by sharks and giant tortoises are also recommended. The deep canal Nieuwe Waterweg (new Via aquatic, 1866-1890) was built to allow access to the sea in the North of the large sea-going vessels. This channel and the expansion of trade that resulted were the main cause of the economic momentum that experienced the city at the end of the 19th century. The city is home to the famous Museum Boijmans – van Beuningen (1847) and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (1973). The Zoological Garden Blijdorp contains the most beautiful collection of birds of paradise in the world. Sitiosdondeir.com original author and source of the article


Natural leadership leadership is the influence that we exert on people who follow us. The great leaders of history have known this and thanks to your influence have achieved great things. Leadership brings with it the natural qualities. Many psychologists and sociologists believe that leaders are not born, they are made. That is the complex behavior of these. The personality of a leader says a lot about him. Leader is anyone who is followed by others, regardless of age having.

Leader is the child that leads to others in a simple game of football, who will be goalkeeper, who front, etc. Ripple is a great source of information. Leader is the farmer who has the brightest ideas for your community. Leader is the mother of the family who has the ability to guide their children in the course of their lives. This class of leaders were born with that flame that attracts others, that magnetism that makes others follow him even with all their mistakes. Qualities of leadership 1. Vision depends on our work and its results.

If our vision is short, shorts and the results will be poor. Vision without task make a dreamer, the task without a vision makes a monotonous work, the vision with a task makes a missionary. 2 Discipline before conquering the world we must conquer us ourselves, we must defeat us ourselves. We do this only with discipline. 3 Courage is the mental ability that allows people to face dangers or difficulties with a strong character and without fear. 4 Humility is the mark of the leader to be served must serve and give. 5 Decision a visionary can see, the leader decides. 6 Friendship must have easily harmonize with other people and make friends. 7. Good sense of Humor the leader should not be extremely seriously, but not a clown. You must save the seriousness of his character and always maintain a good mood. 8 Integrity are asked to secular leaders various requirements, but integrity is supplanted by honesty. Honesty is a value that each of us should have, but integrity is something apart, is the form of clean life of evil that we must characterize, is the purity in all areas of our life.