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Description and review of Nokia E71v online store SoMarkets.narod.ru mobile office in your pocket You can not break away from business for a minute? Important for you to stay always connected, including e-mail and icq? Have to review the letter and documents on the go? Exit to the corporate network requires a VPN connection? All this and more allows you to make Nokia E71. This phone can replace a laptop, while he always much smaller and more connected to the Internet. You will find here familiar tools, a detailed weekly, convenient e-mail client, instant messenger instant messaging, QuickOffice for document Microsoft Office, an application for viewing PDF files, support for Intranet VPN configuration and other programs that can not ignore the lack of a working computer at hand. Read additional details here: Barclays. But if you need additional software – there is nothing easier with the S60 Symbian operating system is famous for its party software. And support for microSD memory cards of any size (standard – a 2GB card) will not cause problems with free space.

Verified ergonomics make it convenient to use such a serious arsenal of software, Nokia E 71 is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard that makes it comfortable and fast typing long texts and easy to correspond. For the busy person every second, and press the button several times to write one letter, is extremely inefficient. You will appreciate the separate block shortcuts to the main menu, weekly, phone book and e-mail. Moreover, these buttons can be assigned to any teams, each understands two types of stroke, short and long.