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Functions Of The Children

In all parts of the world children play as soon as there is an opportunity, to do so in a totally natural way. The game is part of their lives, perhaps is one of the few things that can decide for themselves. The game is an activity present in all human beings. The ethologists have identified it with a possible fixed behavior pattern in human ontogenesis, which has been consolidated throughout the evolution of the species. If we look at the origins, the contribution of the game can be released to the human species. There is no humanity where there is no game.

It is something that anthropologists have discovered, and if we think that the game is linked to childhood, deepening over arrive to consider the role of childhood throughout history. The test of that play is not an invention of our days we find it in ancient literature and art, in describing the activities of the children, and the Roman Forum there is a hopscotch engraved on the floor. The oldest rattles were made of pork or throat bladders of birds, which are filled with stones so that the sound produced stimulate the curiosity of younger children. Surprisingly often, kids play the same type of games: to hopscotch, jump rope, with dolls or balls. However, the toys and games tend to differentiate into different societies, depending on this phenomenon of access to various kinds of materials and existing values related to the game. The hobble consider children, play and toys varies according to the country that we are talking about. Not all cultures considered the game as an important factor for development or maturity of the child, while the specialized research has demonstrated that the most important thing a child can do is play. This activity, in addition to being the principal that the child has to interact socially and learn, constitutes an essential element for its correct development physical, emotional, and social.

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