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Good Nutritional Habits

Eating habits, your health and your figure psychologists tell us that habits are any behavior repeated regularly, that requires a small or no reasoning and is learned rather than innate. So if we talk about eating habits are due to various factors, and family traditions are very, very important, as well as the selection and preparation of food, the way of eating them, timetables, etc. Eating habits of families are transmitted from parents to children and are influenced by several factors including: geographic location, climate, vegetation, the availability of the region, the customs, the affordability, the way select them and preparation as well as the way of eating them (schedules, company, States of mood, etc.). Foods provide us with energy and nutrients needed to grow up healthy and strong and able to perform daily activities. Anyone survives without food, and the lack of any of them It causes various health problems.

It is not enough to eat for the sole purpose of satisfying hunger, the body requires nutrients necessary to carry out the activities in accordance with our daily requirements, which are different for the development of each person, depending on age, your health status, your work etc. In this way, we have to understand, that our body requires a certain number of nutrients, and therefore it is important that our food should be balanced, in order to not suffer consequences that may be very serious for our organism. The lack of nutrients in the body, causes malnutrition, malnutrition generates lack of energy, clarity in mind, stress, lack of encouragement, so fearsome obesity, etc. etc. and this occurs at any age!.! Same thing happens to a little one, to an adult person and not to mention the 3rd. Age.

And what can we say about the excesses? Naturally that are bad, especially when these excesses relate to flours, fats, sugars, etc. or to consume few or too many foods and so unbalanced, ocacionando which can be very serious consequences: on the one hand missing some nutrients in the body, there is malnutrition, which is very serious and prevalent in children of all social levels, and on the other hand if they eat excessive amounts the tremendous, can develop! obesity!. For this reason, the feeding of children must be: complete, including in three main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, with foods from three groups:-cereals and tubers which provide the energy to perform daily physical, mental, intellectual and social activities. -Legumes and animal foods that provide protein to grow and repair the body’s tissues. If you would like to know more about Jos Shaver, then click here. -Water, to help all the processes in the body are carried out properly and because she is part of our body significantly. -We know that air is Vital for life, then to learn to breathe, and exercise is essential for life. All foods contain nutrients, but It is important to know which contains every one of them, combine them into every meal to avoid missing any of them. Natural foods obviously have greater quantity and quality of its nutrients, so it junk food, should not deal with the first place of consumption, although it facilitates the tasks of those who prepare the food. I commented that this article what I wrote for my newsletter,!Prodigious habits! The topics that we will cover in our newsletter, will be related with!Bless you!!Welfare!!Physical condition!,!Energy!!Enthusiasm!Ability to enjoy life!,!Overcoming staff!, and of course:!Earn money! I invite you to subscribe to our newsletter!Prodigious habits!

Culture Change

If you want to change your life and your future, you definitely have to change his mind, his images, what he thinks and believes because everything originates in the mind. If this small principle was understood in this way, regardless of education, the culture, history or environment, people could become inexplicable levels of growth and prosperity unfortunately the hardest thing definitely changing is the way of thinking, only in this way would change the way of living. The first problem which faces has to do precisely with the absence and/or incorrect diagnosis that makes of his life. If there is no diagnosis or the diagnosis is incorrect, the conclusions and solutions will also be so. From personal experience, sometimes we have the concept wrong our own diagnosis, sometimes through ignorance, other times by personal whims, pride, reputation, etc. Humility and sincerity are keys to restructure his vision and improve their quality of life. His life can be rebuilt from the details and two or three key aspects. It is necessary to understand that the simple things have more value than we think.

Life is simple, its burden can be easy and light. Individuals and peoples living in thousand mistakes due to lack of knowledge. It is never late to reflect, to change. No matter age, their experience, their successes or failures, because the first conclusion to achieve progress is as follows: the past cannot be improved, changed, edited or deleted. Not worth losing the time and wear thinking about what could be and was not, in what had been done or not, but it is an excellent reference point for live your present and projected towards the future. If we can capitalize, avoid mistakes, improve, and grow! Not you will need to remember the past things, unless you serve to grow, advance and mature. The past seen the wrong way paralyzes anyone.