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Participate in the BarCamp is free after registration on the BarCamp Munich website. The premises and technical infrastructure are more costs for the Board kindly provided by Sun Microsystems, will be taken over by Burda community network, Microsoft Germany and many other sponsors. Reports, pictures and videos to the last BarCamp is available on the Internet. Collected links to the previous UN conferences are listed on the BarCamp main page at. WHAT IS A BARCAMP? A BarCamp is an unconference that takes place on the weekend. It aims to bring together interesting people from the technology sector and each other to develop ideas and to Exchange.

All participants are encouraged to the participating. Spontaneous lectures, sessions called replace pre-made presentations as known from traditional conferences here. WHAT IS IT ABOUT? The topics of BarCamp revolve around the aspects of Web 2.0, the new online media, open-source technology, software and social networks and communities. There are both developer-specific topics, as a non-developer topics discussed. WHO PARTICIPATES? Among the visitors of BarCamp are bloggers, software developers, StartUps, entrepreneurs and investors.

Anyone who is interested in Web 2.0, is welcome! WHEN AND WHERE? The second BarCamp in Munich, held from 11 to 12 October 2008 in the areas of Sun Microsystems GmbH, Samuel Ahornallee 1, in 85551 Kirchheim Heimstetten near Munich. Over 350 participants are expected to attend. WHAT DOES THE PRESS TO THE BARCAMP? ZDF today by the 13.11.07 about the BarCamp Berlin2: you are the elite of the Web 2.0: Berlin meet bloggers, marketers, programmers and exchange information. It is at the forefront of the Internet of the future and discuss their ideas with each other.” MORE information website and wiki: questions and answers on the BarCamp Munich: products/barcamp Munich what is a BarCamp? de.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp Www.barcamp.org list of all worldwide BarCamps