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Standard Definition

Screen is filled with small leaves, waving in the wind – a nightmare for mpeg. Ca. auth. Frame format. Or aspect ratio – for a plasma is 9h16. When viewing a broadcast television format of 3×4, on the edges of black bands appear.

Because of the phenomenon known from times of the crt as the degradation of the phosphor, it is not always completely. Especially on the first-generation model. Phosphor in these areas remained more 'fresh' in long-term view images 3×4. If you then turn on wide picture, it was possible to observe higher brightness at the edges of the picture. Accounts or stretch the image horizontally, or cut strips from the top and bottom.

In some models, you can change the color unused areas when viewing 3×4 format from black to gray. Advertising tricks. The brightness of the panel. Verizon may find this interesting as well. Firstly, it is lower than the brightness of the tv – in the finished product before the panel is a light filter. Secondly, the brightness point, in order to protect the panels, decreases with increasing background area. Single point of light brighter than if it is highlighted with one (or in a small area), and slightly less bright, white lights if the entire panel. Contrast. Its value depends on how brightly lit room, in short there is a panel. Contrast in a completely dark room and bright light can vary by tens of times. How can that be? Carefully treat in store interesting model – we are in fact ultimately interested in the quality of the image, not the values of technical parameters. Broken and the uncontrolled pixels on the 'plasma' is not allowed, what would we have spoken in shop. Drops of tar. Plasma TVs consume considerably more power than LCDs, as a result of which model is rarely complete without cooling fans. In the store or even at home during the day extra sounds at first you may not notice and then wonder when you watch a movie late at night. Someone did not notice a little boom, and someone annoys even barely perceptible sound of flowing over the radiator air. 'Burnout' phosphor. In the latest models tv is not so important as in the first place, the life of the panel is 60,000 hours or more (while the brightness of the phosphor has been reduced by half from the original). Nevertheless, there remains the problem of uneven brightness reduction across the screen. Producers are struggling with this in different ways, however, it is difficult to recommend a plasma to display static images. The budget model, you need to listen carefully to the graininess – should carefully examine the picture on the screen from such a distance with which you want to watch tv at home. If the grain at this distance is too explicit, it is best to choose a lower diagonal, or tv higher class – for example, HD-Ready model. Advantages of plasma televisions, of course, more than disadvantages. With the right choice a long time he will delight consumers with its bright, juicy picture. * Standard-definition television (Standard Definition) – 720×576 or 720×480 and higher, 'extended' (Extended Definition) – 853h480.

Microwave Oven

However, the microwave oven is not limited to the implementation of these simple functions. Using it exclusively for warming up or thawing food, you're missing a lot of opportunities, because the modern "microwave oven" can easily be replaced and the stove and oven, thus saving space in the kitchen while cooking. , , can act as an independent household appliances. In current models of microwave ovens can cook meat and vegetable dishes, including diet, cook, cook and bake, cook vegetables in its own juice make toast, hot snacks and sandwiches, and even bake cakes. Microwave waves are not harmful to health. Moreover, in food, cooked in a microwave oven, remains far more vitamins, unlike food, cooked in the traditional way. Microwave microwave oven can reduce calories, allowing you to cook without oil. In addition, food cooked in a microwave oven, it retains more vitamins.

Plate or oven can hardly compare with the speed of microwave cooking. For example, in a microwave oven can be cooked sausage in the last minute. Thanks to the microwave oven would be no need to use bulky cookware. So what dishes can be cooked in the microwave, depending on its configuration. Leading manufacturers offer various models of microwave ovens: Microwave oven grill, microwave ovens with the appliance microwave ovens with toaster, individual and built in microwave ovens, etc. Furnace with a steamer is ideal for those who prefer to eat a couple, and models with built-in grill can cook meals and bake until crispy golden brown.

Microwave Oven

Microwave microwave oven – an indispensable tool for any kitchen. It can not only quickly reheat or defrost food, and prepare meals of any complexity. Due to its high functionality and ease of use, for many of the "microwave" was not the less familiar than the stove or oven. To date, manufacturers offer a wide selection of microwave ovens from the grill to oven with the appliance. Furnaces are standing (as called microwaves solo), and built-microwave ovens. Click (LTC) for additional related pages. Such a variety of models can meet the needs and helps you find the most suitable option depending on the size and style of cuisine.

To bake will last a long time and had never ceased to please you with tasty and good food, you must strictly abide by the terms of its operation. There are several requirements for the location of the stove in the room, clean it up, and to use it ware. How to install microwave oven set on a horizontal surface at a height of not less than 90 cm from the floor. Clearance from the top should be at least 30 cm, and the wall oven must keep up to 10-15 cm is made for ventilation. To give the furnace stability and do not accidentally overturn it on the floor, the front edge of the door should be positioned at 10 cm depth on the edge of the surface is set on the stove. Upper and lateral surfaces of the oven can be placed ventilation holes, so you must have the oven so that they do not overlap.