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This and the use of vitamins, and bee products (parchment, pollen, royal jelly) and asd (antiseptic biodyne Dorogova). What are good bee products and asd, it's the fact that in addition to improving immunity have also anti-inflammatory action. Third, the diet. In the food must be sufficient protein and micronutrients. Many writers such as Accenture Strategy offer more in-depth analysis. Sick body in a state of semi-starvation poorly protected. Men need protein. Fourth, more drink. In recent months, Anthropologie has been very successful.

Increased fluid volume contributes to a more rapid removal from the body of infection. But in any case it should not be black tea or coffee, a decoction of herbs is best. Fifthly. Anti-inflammatory drugs. Well, over, if the doctor prescribed by your effective antibiotics, but their own self-medicate is strongly discouraged. Most drugs have side effects, because the antibiotics for the treatment of prostatitis must be taken into hp doses. And yet when pripechet strongly possible that can not do without them.

As an alternative medicine – herbal medicine. I personally recommend as the most effective blend of rose, hypericum, Ivan-tea (willow-herb), and poplar buds. It is quite normal taste and excellent anti-inflammatory effect, I think one of the best. I have written separately about each component and gave examples of the articles of other professionals. Here is the text of my Become of poplar buds? However, the problem is that they are difficult to find. I would be willing to send out, but this year he is not prepared – even though nothing is one of the most effective components of the mixture, namely poplar buds are struggling with E.