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Art Works

The old dilemma of always and a question that is mainly made the artist in its beginnings. In the market of the Art, galleries and artists appraise works being based on the measures of the frames and the value of the point that has the artist. For example: an artist who has a value by point of 100 Euros and wants to appraise a picture of measures 30F, because its price will be of 3,000 Euros. In the case of the artists who begin, the subject is more complicated because not yet they have had sales, then is not possible to guide itself by the system of the point. It is not either good for guiding itself by the prices of other artists, although they have a trajectory or line of work similar to ours, because perhaps that person is selling, either because she has promoted the more its work or because she has had the more luck or reason why she is. And taken care of with the advice of the type of Sube the price of your works because they have much quality.

What we can do then? At the outset rightest it is to calculate the price based on the cost of the used materials and the hours that we have needed to paint our picture. In this point is advisable to be very modest. It is necessary to consider that our work still is not well-known and that most interesting, is to present it, to promote to us, therefore whatever more sales better, although the income are low. Another also important question When I raise the prices my works? Well, in case you have already had sales Congratulations! You must analyze if those sales regular and are maintained in the time, for example, if every month you the following month sell five works and other five and thus during a year or two, then you can plantearte raise your prices, but wisely, a 10% or a 15%. In case your sales go off and is more demand than your you can produce, then there if you can raise until you see that there is a balance. And finally. The common sense and the objectivity at the time of appraising our works, are what it is going to help to us to fulfill our expectations.