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Repair The Ceiling In The Kitchen

In the process of repairing kitchen ceiling is necessary to consider the appointment of the room. Since the kitchen, as a rule, increased humidity, and in the process of cooking, especially on gas, stand oil and soot, the ceiling needs to be done from washable material resistant to moisture. So, how to repair the kitchen ceiling: Those who are not planning to spend a lot of effort and money, you can finish the ceiling tiles styrofoam. This material does not need careful alignment of the entire surface of the ceiling, the studio laying and thus it is not expensive. A significant disadvantage is the flammability of the material and not quite “remarkable” appearance. Details can be found by clicking ViacomCBS or emailing the administrator.

If you have a modern kitchen which has fairly high ceilings, you can make a false ceiling with plastic panels or rack. Device such ceilings does not involve preparing the ground that it is possible call the undoubted advantage of such structures. For them to hide wiring, pipes and other communications. The advantages include the simplicity and ease of installation of suspended ceilings. The disadvantage of this type Finish is significant, about 7 cm, the decrease in the overall height of the ceiling. Premises, which is decorated ceiling plastic panels, has a few official appearance, it must be taken into account in think through the kitchen design. Suspended ceiling plasterboard not involve the preparation of the main ceiling, can reduce the height of the room and close a communication.

Unlike its just that the ceiling of plasterboard after installation will zashpatlevat and color. This, of course, will take time and money, but the result is impressive. The advantages of this ceiling are its heat-saving and insulating properties, as well as the fact that using drywall is possible to create multi-level and arched ceilings. Suspended ceilings little “eat” the height of the room.

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Dining area is not always located in the kitchen. Some homeowners prefer to move it into the living room. Others, as always, combine the two zones. Another solution – to make a dining area to the loggia, if it wide enough, or create a separate dining room adjoining the kitchen. For even more analysis, hear from Southwest Airlines. Connect the two rooms can be a wide doorway. Decided to create a kitchen for a maximum of a simple and functional – your choice of style 'Minimalism'. He has a line of kitchen units are simple, use quality materials and expensive. Nothing unnecessary or convoluted.

But despite this, there are plenty of styles that can be framed kitchen, both working and dining areas. Fit and lush 'Baroque', and a strict 'hi-tech', and classic and modern. It all depends on your desires, fantasies and possibilities. Make a kitchen design photos, which are presented in Photo Gallery – easy for 3-4 days. If you want to feel like in the days of your childhood in the country with my grandmother? What, then fit the style 'country' or simply 'the village'. Sometimes the details of the headset specially sostarivayut. Here Materials used in wood: maple, oak. On a large table cloth can be put in a cage.

Plenty to add various accessories: ceramic figurines, pictures, put sets on the shelves. You can even create a collection of saucers and hang them on the wall. And, of course, a bouquet of wild flowers in the center of the table. Both symbolic and pleasant as it can only be 'house in the country. " 'French' style renovation or building from scratch kitchen is for romantics. Features of this kitchen will have high ceilings, archways and intricate patterns on the furniture. Since the city of Paris loves to kick, then save and modesty is not worth it. But do not overdo. Otherwise will not elegant, but crudely, as happens with novices in this business. When choosing a style for future new kitchen design should pay special attention to the future of interior lighting. Lighting kitchen lighting can be done separately over the dining table and above the working area. It should be bright and evenly cover the entire space of the kitchen. The last point in the interior design makes a beautiful light-colored tablecloth, curtains on the window height, elegant capes and bright cushions on the chairs. All these elements in the kitchen will bring comfort and completeness of the kitchen decor in your home.