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German Boutique

A much visited part of the tourism portal, which presents selected guest houses in Eastern Bavaria with a focus on Bavarian Forest offers a number of opportunities which travel boutique is the host Tourism Portal. For every budget, ranging from the authentic farm on the cosy pension to the modern hotel; also vacation rentals are offered. Philip Vasan may not feel the same. Travel boutique contains also a gift and souvenir shop. With one click, you have access to a wide, attractive range. Useful products for rental and budget can be, but also exclusive luxury items. How about for example a beautiful light globe or neckties and scarves made of fine silk? Even small gifts and games for children can be found, quite apart from the nice little things in the souvenir shop like T-Shirts or mugs to describe, mousepads, or pretty key fobs.

Travel boutique and the shops are only a part of the tourism portal that gives a wealth of information about the most beautiful holiday regions in German opened. Here you can learn everything about hosts, objectives and current offers (also last minute). If you want, can familiarise themselves also already at home with everything that offers Eastern Bavaria of cultural attractions, sports and hiking, for health and wellness. Last but not least, the Portal Displays the cult in the region around the Bavarian Forest festivals. Inform is the unspoilt nature with the National Park Bayersicher forest as a fixed star finally have the biggest capital of Eastern Bavaria. Those who wish to holiday in Bavaria can already home dream. About in a comfortable hammock for a balcony or garden. Where there are they? Of course in the travel boutique.