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Printing Office

What should be stamped? Our company has been working in this direction for about 5 years old at the time when we started out, we can provide the client with 2.1 of the sample print layout, and ordered and subsequently received the seal, the customer was simply happy that his original tail, or a font with curls. And such is always moving, and soon emerged as new methods of making printing (laser engraving, Photopolymer technology, printing made in flash technology). Began to appear more sophisticated types of stamps, all kinds of patterns, grids, borders, colorful printing press to the defense. If before you could use it to print 5 standard colors, Now you can offer to the existing colors in nature, all their shades, also happened to snap, it became more convenient and comfortable. But the conversation we have now is not about that, but what about when you get to our office at once lost when we, in your question about printing, we offer you a large flow of information and how it can be made on what, in that it should be and what should not. For us this is routine work, we do it every day, just like you, their work, for you to view the same print is different when you see all sorts of samples of seals, and once you have a question on how to choose a pattern or print that's what this stamp is different from this, and what the right to choose. Someone just wants more tempted to decorate print logo. Why do we write this article? The answer is obvious to us that, coming into the office, you realize that now you can use in print, why can produce printed with a logo, or edging, which means protection of the press, how many actual multicolor printing. In most cases, we hold a full consultation for the production of print, and yet not all the nuances negotiate, and receiving a large amount of information you can get lost.