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The Right

To believe the man is it brought what me to this end. Somebody has to pass for that door to take me daqui. That not yet the soul of the men is sadist in this I believe; I learned to love it comforts what me. I would like rain to the face. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sap customers and gain more knowledge.. I want the sick but alive body.

The demons of the soul are the substance that meagers to think that the hands are trembling so mine. in the supposed arbitrariedade of a reflection without nexuses, would think the meat to be more lyric than object of the causes of the world. Thus apraz me it idea of that exactly weak the substance of the life did not traiu me when in gnese of the spirit called your facts metaphors the freedom 8. I want the body I free somebody can that me with the free act to bless. Others including Larry Ellison, offer their opinions as well. I want to have of the meat the right postulate of my deliberation. Inasmuch as also I gave flowers who I did not have. Also I swore love to who I declared itself almost the discouragement for affection. I sat down it the table and I smile the union of the bodies.

I remembered your face to fulfill memory to you. I undressed your fears, I thought your traumas. as when the loss teaches to the soul the torture of the nothing, I took you in the arms a desperation and I asked for perpetual presence to you. Irony is to live the opposite of the life. To take by the pulse your principle of death. Calmer would be the meat if it did not live to the memory of itself. It would like that somebody came. That me he was not identical when, the term, I dressed the lrido rest of your marble. Also I confessed it the tomb and deplored the habit of my pretense delay Somebody also I waited for me. Taste of verses of 9 perverse loves, of everything what it passes; this life that was, for all, the always ephemeral one. Against-senses? Therefore that it keeps in your nclito spirit yours been improper logic custom. The thought has of to be free. for the term of this air-tight delirium 10 I will not dare to call this thought : over all apraz me mstica it of all that freedom that since the cradle made homesickness; it took to believe me and it simulated to be with me

The Men

However, if of the citation above if it cannot extract such conclusion or it asks, of the continuation of this we remove long ago absent legitimacy: ' ' Let us make (…) ' '. This term suggests me, the least the principle, the existence of another divine entity or already I do not know to it that it would assist onipotente in its productive activity of beings, in principle, inferiors in nature and condition. These are the men, done beings ' ' to our image and semelhana' (…) ' God created the man to its image; the image of God created it, created the man and mulher' ' '. Who is the entities that correspond to the term ' ' nossa' '? What it is for of brings of the word, for the moment, confused and so pparently unjustified, when the reading is literal and in account we take all fbula Biblical of the citation? If not to search to act for convenience, if in allowing the logic them as parameter of adequacy of the will and the act, will have of readily admitting the occurrence of an entity another situated one before the time and the space; to the side Mr. who can, for happiness, never to be your God. That genealogy this entity Beyond-God possesss stops with this proper one? Son or Son; Wife or Husband; perhaps loving; a friend, who knows? To all the ends, let us pass ahead. When I say: ' ' this is homem' ' , as to verify if it is? For the fisionomia or still: disposal of the elements of sensitivity; objective configuration or pure phenomenon and simply could more than not it what by means of its sexuality, or still, for the presence of the masculine sexual agency. The opposite of this, I will say woman; the union of both, androgynous; for its absence let us use the concept ' ' anjo' '.

Public Works

4.374, of relatoria of the Min. Gilmar Mendes, the STF left clearly that it had for constitutional, in thesis, the norm of art. 20 of the Law n. 8.742/93, but it did not affirm to inexist other concrete situations that imposed constitutional attendance and not subsuno to that norm. The constitutionality of the rule of law, thus, does not mean the unconstitutionality of the behaviors judicial that, to take care of, in the concrete cases, to the Constitution, guarantor of the beginning of the dignity human being and the right to the health, and the state obligation to give to the social assistance ' ' to who of it to need, independently of the contribution to the security social' ' , they have to ahead define that payment of the constatao of the necessity of the carrying person of deficiency or the aged one.

According to 8 of art. 20 of the Law 8,742/93, ' ' the familiar income monthly the one that if relates 3o will have to be declared by the petitioner or its legal representative, subjecting it the too much procedures foreseen in the regulation for the granting of pedido' '. The Regulation of the Loas, in turn, in its art. 13, clarify that ' ' the evidence of the per capita monthly familiar income it will be made by means of Declaration of the Composition and Familiar Income, in form instituted for this end, signed for the petitioner or its legal representative, collated with pertinent documents, being the declarant subject to the penalties foreseen in law in the case of information omission or declaration falsa' '. It will fit to the INSS to verify, by means of consultation to its cadastros, if the integrant ones of the familiar group related possess some previdencirio benefit, as well as if they are used and to confirm the sum of its incomes (Regulation of the Loas, art. 13, 3). 4 of the same article, finally, establishes to compete ' ' to the INSS and the agencies authorized for the Social to Hunger, when necessary Combat and Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, to verify next to other institutions, also of providence, the existence of benefit or income on behalf of the petitioner or beneficiary and of the integrant ones of famlia' '.

The Regulation of the Loas is perceived that, in sight of unquestionable hipossuficincia of that if they find in situation of social risk, practically admitted that they only related the members of its familiar group, detailing the incomes for gained them, being dispensable any evidence in relation to those without remunerated activity or possibilities of income evidence, as it is the case of that they live in the informality. It fits to the INSS to investigate the veracity of these information. In sight of this regulation, it can be concluded that, also judicially, it will be responsibility of the INSS to prove that the petitioner does not meet in poverty situation, in sight of the information for it given, therefore if the benefit of the support was refused in the administrative scope under this bedding, for certain that autarchy will have collected enough information concerning the incomes of the familiar group of the author.


After all, I and you have that enxergar in them that we do not belong to the people of them; 9) They know to move away with diplomacy all threat from conquest to its electorate as one fera that it defends with claw its territory, the cattle that knows its corral; 10) They prefer most humble wisest for the difficulty leading people with more escolaridade, because these even can read beyond its speech and nobody badly likes to be interpreted. Here, mai a time, I appeal: let us be frank and conscientious in assuming that we are all imprudent culprits, ignorants and, as much for terms patience not to reflect ahead on what they long for our representatives during the first boarding, as well as for not knowing to interpret what really ours politicians in such a way strengthen themselves, during years, when revealing its yearnings and pretensions, through its words, its gestures, its look, its position in palco, of the microphones or in the absence of them. They observe that none politician leaves alone for campaign, therefore it needs to know if it promised what it promised and who, and this its assessor or companion has the duty to register to see until where it can or not to disregard. No authority lives without the breaches of the law, in way that the law must be applied against the enemy, adversary or competitor, but never to the friends. The opponents and the proper press do not pardon them interpret mal there that the breach of the law helps, therefore if thus he was not, he would not need the judiciary one, and thus appeals court judges, judges, promoters, lawyers and other similar ones would be part of the extinct professions. Perhaps in this direction, the three to be able survive of these breaches, therefore the laws are written in a language that the common citizen does not understand the gaps mainly, the breaches. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this.


In return the Writing In one late of this week, memories become and take account of people! A way to cover between what it remains of of this summer and nostalgia. With that typical anxiety of who it knows what it waits, I am touched myself. Allegiant Air is a great source of information. After all soon, then, after more or less transposing one 45 minutes between Passo Fundo and Soledade, I know that I will find a friendship reference. We will be again expensive the face! Two extremities of the language. The perfect harmony of the experience with generation Y, X Z I know there what! But what it matters it is the end item of this relation of friendship, that exceeded barriers of the rooms in the University of Passo Fundo! We are almost there! Soledade blunts soon there. With certainty the reception will be more authentic, however I temper with it that it foments the writing rooms! Next to the Regional news and its directors it will be possible introspections of an existence marked for the news articles, interviews, voices, photos, guidelines enquetes and a complex world of medias and entertainment.

How much to kill homesicknesses were full of satisfaction, had not lacked souvenirs of the four years where to study Journalism still it seemed a mountain out of a molehill. The hours for the coffee in the bar of the Pricles, where the subject generally was to say in the Colorado and its conquests, as well as making of that place a culminating point of those mornings of winters, autumns springs and summers. They did not lack guidelines to be shared with the few wants thought of connected form, however with freedom to display its ideas and counterpoints. Made we it in playful way, without retaliaes. We knew to divide, to add and in them to keep coesos with almost everything! Although still thus, it was possible time for who knows a new guideline. Of those where the presence of Tiba professor (in memory) was reason of surplus to relax without leaving to produce with quality. It lacked time for the coffee in ' ' Elite' ' traditional Bar in the Floriano Peixoto in Soledade. It is for another time! Then we will make plus a landmark of this friendship that survived to all the new features of an age congested for the globalization! I and my comitiva thank the chance to be part, exactly that only per one instants of the Writing of the Regional Informative Periodical of Soledade! Samuel was valid. He was valid friend, success! Jose Berton Journalist


PROFESSORS VERSUS Bendito PUPIL are that educator who executes its art and its dom, in the fullness of its importantssima function. Praised either that pupil who honored and respected its master and assimilated the maximum of acquired information. Salutes these exceptions remain the discomfort of our pfio income, many times, caused due to investments or for use of methods comprovadamente failed. In a truth, nor all professor who disapproves is approved as good educator. The good master seems to have dom, exerts leadership on numerous groups, obtains respect for demonstrating education, since it is responsible for educating. The good pupil is an one and one all employee, part of a team led that he respects its hierarchic moment, in the hope of one day to be postulating, with condition of being leader and to have what and to who to teach. The innocent said ones reguadas, pinches, pokes of ears and moral offences of some professors against its pupils had created true monsters, that if feeling defied, had organized groups because not to say bandos, to attack and to humiliate its masters, almost as a revenge.

All necessary authority to have control vigil on the power and all commanded needs to have respect and disciplines front its master. It is not possible that the intolerncia occurs exactly where if nails the education as behavior rule. Although some professors have exceeded its authority and some pupils with me the orientation have been true delinquents in the exercise of its functions, loading weapons in its knapsacks and vendendo drugs in the institutions educators, if he cannot generalize and not even to from fear discourage the children of the violence, much less the masters with one pssima remuneration. The education only can show as not to be bridden by unhealthy minds. If professors VERSUS cannot create pupils. Without pupil does not exist who to teach and if nobody to learn will not form new educators, and who for the love of God goes to teach to change some vices of our culture? He takes that the pupil believes whenever is being educated for optimum master and that the master believes whenever is educating a possible genius, a possible notable, a probable winner, a great man or only one dedicated pupil, thanks to the good education that both had lead in team. I was never a shining pupil, exactly having testified the ability of my educators, who long ago I did not value such today which the state I make, but seeing today some pupils I perceive that I obtained not to have been so bad and despite was, would have exclusiveness of the guilt for not having done my part, that was to donate to me to premake use to learn and me.