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The carpets in schools decrease the noise, and lessen the impact of falls, and injuries. Carpets and other materials can lead to problems of indoor air quality if the school has the problem of moisture or water intrusion, such as leaking through the roof (leaky roof). If the carpet remains wet, it can become the source for microbial growth, which can result in adverse effects to health. The carpets and furniture significantly damaged by water should be removed and disposed of or be steam cleaned and dry completely before reinstalling them in school. After being installed, new carpet systems (including the adhesives used to attach the fibers of the carpet in front of reinforcement materials, carpet cushions and adhesives used in installation of carpeting) as the most materials used in interior completion issued volatile organic compounds (VOC, for its acronym in English) for a period of time must be ventilated place.

These emissions can be reduced significantly in the first 72 hours through proper ventilation, but can not be eliminated completely. Joseph Mathunjwa: the source for more info. The rugs also act as a reservoir for dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, pesticides and other materials that have originated in the interior or that have been brought from the outside environment. From the moment you install carpets can trap a significant amount of particles, which can be removed by vacuuming. However, if you do not clean as it should Hasco, this can cause them to accumulate large amounts of dust and debris. Some studies have shown that carpets do not stay clean can release a significant amount of particles during the course of daily activities. And it may be possible that small children play on the carpet where they will be more exposed to pollutants that are not properly removed for lack of passing.