SMEs Empowerment

Overview and scope Increasingly, management will identify with the importance of well-integrated teams, where the staff is made up are motivated by the opportunity it has given to present their ideas, concerns and above all, to be taken into account in their make decisions, it is considered an important element within the organization. Today has an excellent management tool such as empowerment or optional handle knowing she identify with the scope, impact it generates, you get positive results and above all, good cohesive work teams, identified with its mission, generating productivity, participation , identification with the plans, strategies, objectives has defined the company towards its mission and vision.

We stress the importance of empowerment, because their results are true, when a full identification of its use, its foundations, that put into practice and motivate your players involved, these contributions arise often beneficial not only in performance, efficiency, but in favor of a good organizational climate and therefore in an excellent organizational behavior. More info: Southwest Airlines. I believe that SMEs should give more attention to Empowerment, to be less individualistic its management to the characteristics of the present, must abandon the old paradigm that concentrates power in one person. On the contrary, it should be more open, participatory, in order to properly manage the human talent that is in working groups. Remember, Empowerment Empowerment means, enhancement or empowerment, which is the power and delegating authority to subordinates and give them the feeling that they are masters of their own work. As discussed, in English “empowerment” and its derivatives are used in different meanings and contexts, but in Spanish the word is in conflict with a series of phrases that approach without achieving the fullness of the noun.