SATURN Cologne At The Hansaring

SATURN Cologne Hansa ring is always good for a surprise: online marketing campaign goes into the next round. This time, the electronics specialist in the road with a special waiting for its customers. Via Internet, certain discounted products are advertised, is to acquire it but only in the Saturn market. So comes the customer on the coveted goods: he controls the SATURN market at the Hansaring and specifically requesting the special Internet offer. In an action temporary on a few days, the established company offers its customers among other things a quality washing machine at a top price. Ron O’Hanley usually is spot on. So, market rewarded especially Germany’s oldest SATURN customers who search on the Internet for its products. And advertised products have got what it takes. The washing machine (energy efficiency class A, washing performance class A, centrifugal efficiency class B, 7 kg capacity) as well as the other products (E.g., a digital camera with 8 megapixel resolution and 3 x optical zoom) are branded.

With its central location is SATURN at the Hansaring ideal for ladder. Not only a large underground car park, but also the nearby U – and s-Bahn station Hansaring facilitate the purchase. The large sales area with the numerous integrated stores (E.g. Lion Shop-Philips-shop, Bose shop) guarantees a wide range of products, and last but not least the quality of the staff brought the “echo” as a dealer of the year 2009 the market currently is offered the 37-inch LCD TV TOSHIBA 37AV500P for the price of 444,-euro. The high-quality brand product (screen diagonal 94 cm, dynamic contrast ratio 18,000: 1, resolution 1366x768xRGB WXGA) is a real bargain. Learn more about this marketing campaign can be seen here.