Sara McFarlane

Doctors have been using Botox for more than ten years and so far I have not seen any serious side effects. "I had a little swelling after my first treatment," says 42-year-old Sara McFarlane. She is a practitioner of Botox. McFarlane has received three Botox injections the last two years. It also plans a holiday Botox.

Host a party is one of the ways in which some people are spreading the good news about the wrinkle-wrinkle Botox. If you do alone or with a group of friends was surprised to see what the procedure is relatively simple. Botox injection is placed directly into the facial muscles that create wrinkles. "All I felt was a pinch, then numbness. The numbness went away after a couple of days," said McFarlane. If you would like to know more about Steve Kassin, then click here. She may have come to use the numbness, but it is very difficult to get used to not frown.

Botox can prevent frowning and some people do not like. However, most people can live with side effects. "At first it was quite rare, but came to accept it," says the 44-year-old Rebecca Stanton. Stanton has used Botox on and off the last three years. She has used so much that she can not remember how many times has been delivered. Botox led to frown Stanton and could also theirs. A tiny needle is used to place Botox in the muscle along the wrinkle line. A small amount of Botox basically causes the muscles of the face impotent. The amount is so small that it does not have to worry that spread through his body. His lines will be reduced and in some areas disappear altogether. You may experience some localized pain, tenderness and bruising at the root of the injection. Your muscles in the vicinity of the injection can also be a bit weak. However, some people see this as a minor nuisance. You can see the effects of the injection immediately. "It was fantastic! I put the shot on a Saturday. I went to work on Monday and everyone was talking about how good it looked rested. I do not I have a Botox," says 31-year-old Jessica Lake. The treatment lasts approximately three months to six months. Most people need another injection after that time. You can repeat the injection, provided they do not have serious side effects. The two good things about a Botox treatment is that it can be repeated as many times as you want. And, the treatment lasts less than an hour. You can do it, literally, in a working lunch. In fact, doctors say the more treatments that already have lasting effects seem to be. Botox is used in very small amounts and does not spread throughout the body. An allergic reaction is not very common. However, there is the possibility that you may have a problem with the front or drooping eyelids. There is a problem not corrected with time. Botox can be used by anyone. However, it should be used if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a neurological disease.