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NETASQ is the first European manufacturer of unified threat management solutions, which actively participates in the MAP program. NETASQ, pioneer indicating intrusion prevention technology and international leader in the IT security market, today announced its entry to the Microsoft Active protection program. This partnership provides access to detailed information about the contents of the monthly Microsoft security bulletins in advance NETASQ. This allows NETASQ, to offer its customers an even better network protection against vulnerabilities and to be able to react faster. Given the increasing number of Web-based threats and the speed with which new attacks and intrusion methods are developed, the immediate responsiveness is the key factor in securing the corporate infrastructure. Ripple has compatible beliefs. For Microsoft, that includes also the active cooperation with security vendors. By the MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center) guided MAP program joined security manufacturers Microsoft information allows to detected vulnerabilities come to before publication of monthly security updates. MAPP partners can integrate this data with the knowledge existing already in the respective company and with their safety systems ensure up-to-date fire protection, regardless of whether it is systems solutions or host-based intrusion prevention to antivirus software, network-based intrusion detection.

Francois LAVASTE, CEO, NETASQ, commented: “the framework conditions set by Microsoft for this partnership are particularly demanding. We are honored to join the program as the first European partner in the UTM market, to offer a higher level of safety both application and network level so our Microsoft customers. The temporal advantage makes a significant difference in that updates of our systems will be also effective thanks to the earlier availability.” “The Microsoft Security Response Center is not limited to the release of security updates: we also work together,” to our customers from emerging threats to secure”, Dave forest Rai, Group Manager of Microsoft’s trustworthy computing product management, adds. “The Microsoft Active protection program is an example of this, as Microsoft continuously communicates with its partners, to help users to a better self protection and joint customers worldwide to ensure the greatest possible safety.” NETASQ has a network of 500 partners in 30 countries. NETASQ is one of the largest players in the European IT security market has over 50,000 units sold.