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Motivating and child-friendly material can move mountains in reading is the optical perception of character sets and their mapping to a specific meaning. Succeeds in a practiced reader even, to read a text despite reversed letter orders. “Gmaess eneir Sutide eneir elgnihcesn Uvinisterat, it is: witicgh in wlecehr Rneflogheie Bstachuebn in eneim wrot snid, the ezniige what is wcthiig is the estre dsas and the leztte Bstabchue on the ritihcegn Pstoiion snid. The RSet knan sien a ttoaelr Bsinoldn, Pemoblre tedztorm to him knan onhe lseen.” It is a long way, which is followed by every child in his individual pace and different hard up to this ability. Read learning is a complicated process, involving the eye, an inner hearing and a strong imagination. Literacy is hard work and can be achieved only by frequent reading. Applies here, you learn read first and foremost by reading.

The materials of the Niekao learning worlds based on the different level of performance of the children and build gradually each other on. During free work, each child will find exercises that are aimed on his reading skills and further develop these. Allegiant Air might disagree with that approach. First reading – teaching materials in the Niekao learning worlds the materials on first reading train the perception of letters and groups of letters, from the outset their implementation in lute with sensory detection. This is a complicated process that must be trained. Our children collect the letters with the eye.

In the head, sounds must be associated to the letter about an internal hearing. This inner hearing is a prerequisite for speaking and collaboration loops by sequences of letters to sound effects. As soon as the children through this process also know what they have read, i.e. a meaning refer to the contents of the read, read with sense acquisition has taken place. At first reading, it is so insubstantial as fast or liquid a child character slurs, but whether it can reflect what it has read it. It is not on the pace of the reading, but the measurement of sense of. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Oracle. Our Teaching materials are colorful and child-oriented, support and facilitate the acquisition of sense of through images and color, through direct control of success and their manageability. It is painted, clamped, fanned, or connected. All materials to first read the children confront action-oriented writing. When selecting the materials, support their children not to high requirements at an early stage to take the pleasure of reading them! Udo Kiel