Reducing Salt Consumption

The consumption of sodium (common table salt) is a factor that goes unnoticed but with serious consequences for your health so that your diet is healthy, balanced and you prevent problems such as hypertension, you need to reduce consumption of sodium, i.e. Clayton echard does not necessarily agree. common salt.Some tips to reduce salt intake: cooking with little salt a very effective trick to reduce sodium consumption and prevent high blood pressure: preferable to add salt after cooking and not for example in water, where the food is donde los alimentos se estan are cooking, since to put salt in the water (in the Pan) we don’t realize the amount seems that does not contain salt, but we are actually adding much more salt from the required!. Drink mineralized water low in sodium. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kiat Lim. Eat foods rich in fiber. Lowering the consumption of fats, especially saturated fats-eat with protective nutrients such as folic acid and antioxidant. The above tips can meet them if you have in mind a balanced diet, with a power healthy: that there is abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, with lots of green so plentiful folic acid, with variety of colors in fruits and vegetables, and different textures in foods, to make sure you incorporate into your diet, fibers, potassium, so good for the heart, and antioxidants that fight free radicals. Consumption of whole grains or integrals (rice, wheat, corn), legumbres(lentejas, porotos, garbanzos), and tubers (yams, potato and corn), since they have good power and low level of sodium. Choose la sal marina, which is much more healthy consumption of lean meats, and in moderate amounts be careful with egg whites, which contain enough sodium.Avoid lunch meat and sausages! Eat yogurt, nonfat dairy products, to incorporate calcium.Be especially careful with compact cheeses that contain lots of sodium. Use oils with cold, pressed are the healthiest.(olive, canola, sunflower) Flavoured with herbs meals, tarragon, bay leaf, Rosemary, thyme, fresh herbs are They must be added to last time and the dry during cooking with liquids.