Qualified Clickworkers

Efficiency of the sales activities can be enhanced by high-quality addresses of potential customers for direct marketing and sales promotions, obtaining addresses of the target group represents a significant contribution to the success of planned campaigns. The problem with the sourcing tends to be the poor quality of the data material. Many of the address lists are automatically generated by the providers and have a high error rate and many obsolete records. To read more click here: Larry Ellison. Lists exhibit a much lower error rate, however, which are researched and generated by hand. Generated by hand, that sounds only once after an expensive matter.

It is however possible to make high-quality and cheap research address data with the help of the principle of Crowdsourcing. The dimensions on the Internet make use of crowdsourcing is a word combination of crowd and outsourcing. Tasks and projects are distributed on the labour force and intelligence of a crowd (crowd) of Internet users (outsourcing). The most famous example is probably the encyclopedia called “Wikipedia”, in Inter network users free of charge provide their contribution and their performance. If the paid crowdsourcing, however, Internet users for their services will be charged. Most providers of paid crowdsourcing services have an own crowd, consisting of Internet users who have registered on the platforms of the provider there as a freelance to edit tasks.

Tasks in the area of Web search, any requested record as a single job shows Internet users. One of the biggest benefits of crowdsourcing is the manpower that is behind the large number of skilled Internet users. In this way, thousands of records can be searched within a very short time. Quite practical here demonstrates the crowdsourcing service “Web search” based on a short case study by clickworker.com. Web search of addresses of potential customers for the company Axzo the challenge: Axzo developed and published training materials for training and courses in the field of economy and technology, community colleges, trade schools and Institutions of adult education. To create a list of potential customers, Axzo commissioned clickworker.com to the research of all providers of relevant courses (such as Microsoft Office and Quicken). The solution: Qualified Clickworkers search on the Web for educational institutions, check whether there are offered courses in the selected area and details on current course content and contact details. The sales team receives the full and controlled list including URLs to each course description from Axzo finally. The customer sets the scope of the order. Clickworkers research institutions and save their URLs. About the URLs, check the Clickworkers the provision of courses in the selected topic and hold the contact details of the institution. Clickworkers find the URLs for the individual course descriptions and check whether the respective courses are also currently still offered. The results are verified. Unsatisfactory results are returned to the revision to the Clickworkers. Error-free results be put together and passed to Axzo. Data for the order Axzo: Clickworker qualifications: successful completion of training and testing in the areas of Web research and verification of data.