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Literature points the preparation of the body as a mixture of a ritual with pursuing of a routine and severity technician, consensualizando the idea of that this preparation follows the routine established normally in function of the social culture and that this activity is carried through in its totality for the nursing team. Under this optics, the importance of these professionals in this phase of the existence can be understood with exactness human being through SAINTS (1996), when affirming consubstancialmente that the death is not a mere biological event and yes a social phenomenon. To understand this phenomenon inside of this perspective and espacialidade infuses the professional of nursing, and in special to nurse, the duty to understand it in psychological, philosophical, historical, religious, cultural and legal a direction ampler, where practical its is a consequence of its agreement through an ethical boarding, on what one becomes and its results on the receivers of this to make. PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE To the HEALTH TEAM Aiming at a work to multidiscipline, where the patient must be seen globally, at its historical moment, inside of a biopsicossosial approach, fits to the psychologist to be a facilitador agent in the relations between the team of health, patient and being/family. The objectives of the psychologist in the work with the team involve orientation how much to the factors of psychological risks gifts in the context, facilitating the Inter-relations; to plan joint therapeutical strategies, better to reach the objectives of assistance to the patients and to offer to psychological support to the members of the team when these to need. The best understanding of the feelings and thoughts of the team can come to influence positively in its relation with the patients or other members of the proper work group.

These ‘ ‘ conversas’ ‘ with the team generally previous date and schedule occur without, being that they happen by means of the necessity of any member of the team. Inside of an obstetricses infirmary always it has a room for team meeting, space this that many times is used to carry through the notations in handbooks of the patients, being an excellent moment for exchange of information. Beyond the overload lived for the professionals of health in Brazil, one becomes necessary to consider the fact of that the same ones are displayed to the threats that situation imposes them to the crisis, therefore not only the patient and the family is vulnerable to the involved crisis, but professionals also. She is necessary to have in mind that for backwards of each professional of the health team has a human being that also it feels pain, that suffers as well as the other involved parts. Both are co-related from the installed crisis. By means of this, emotional balance and a good interaction in the team are necessary to give an adequate attendance the excessively involved ones until the same ones can be reorganized ahead of the critical phase.