Panic And Anxiety

They imagine Rodrigo*, a normal life, it studies, it works nabolsa of values of SP. One day was in the academy raising weights and felt umaenorme will to leave running, its heart was gone off and felt lack to dear, one distresses enormous and a great fear of something that nor he himself wise person. Ficoudesesperado, therefore imagined that it would go to have a Cardiac attack. Nothing ran to hospitale was found in the examinations, in few minutes Rodrigo was well of novosem to understand what it had happened. (* fictitious Name) Stories thus are not uncommon for the psychologists epsiquiatras. Defined as Syndrome of the Panic, it had a bigger spreading in dcadade 90. For having more been studied in all its aspects, we understand muitomais its forms of manifestation beyond a bigger research in the effectiveness detratamentos, either medicamentoso or Psicoterpico. For more specific information, check out Sheryl Sandberg. The upheaval of the Panic is different of other existing detranstornos forms of Anxiety.

The symptoms are as a preparaoBiolgica to run away from an imminent threat of danger. If it knows that the Sndromedo Panic is activation of the systems of defense of the organism pparently semnenhuma cause (even so it has, but many times the person does not obtain understands it). These causes are Bio-psychic, that is, they possess deep psychological and of problemasrelacionados sinapses of the neurotransmitters. If it characterizes for: Contraction/muscular tension, rijeza? Palpitations/taquicardia (the heart goes off)? Giddiness, dazed, nausea? Difficulty to breathe or very fast breath (Hyperventilation)? Calafrios or waves of heat, sudorese? Confusion, fast thought? Fear to lose the control, to make something embarrassing? Fear to die? Vertigos or sensation of atony? Terror – sensation of that something unimaginably horrible is you give to happen and of that if it is impotent to prevent such event? Sensation of ' ' to be sonhando' ' or distortions of perception of the reality Exist diverse subtypes of Syndrome of the Panic, in algumaspessoas appears the form ' ' pura' ' without other symptoms, but people exist queapresentam Syndrome of the Panic with Agoraphobia (Phobia of Public Places ousituaes where she would be very difficult to run away in case that a panic attack happens). People with Syndrome of the Panic with Agoraphobia are those that if lock emcasa. This subtype is most common.

The treatment of the Syndrome of the Panic always is carried through by the Psiclogoe for the psychiatrist, therefore the treatment involves medication. This is, medication queatua directly in the anxiety processes. To put the medication by itself is not efficient, being necessary the psicoterpica performance for confrontation procedures econtrole of the crises. Diverse studies exist that they show that the junction Psychological and Psychiatric dotratamento is much more efficient of what only tratamentosou psychological or only psychiatric. Therefore the integration dosprofissionais of the Health, aiming at always optimum is necessary for its customer. The Psycotherapies Comportamentais and most efficient Cognitivo Comportamentaisso and always indicated for treatment of Upheavals deAnsiedade as the Syndrome of the Panic. Attention: If to know somebody that possesss behaviors condizentescom the Syndrome of the Panic is always very important to look psiclogoqualificado or a doctor to inquire the possibility of Panic and to start more effective otratamento for that person. Syndrome of the Panic is an illness, it is not madness and shame is not faltade as very it was nailed in the past. Today we know that quecausa is an illness intense suffering and must from fear be treated fastest possible so that apessoa recoups its joy of living without being always anxious and teroutro attack.