Every time the valuation of the high people in charge of the Organizations is increasing, with respect to the security of the information of its company, so that the decisions that are to take in their daily task, allows them to locate to its company in a scope of not only of minimum risk, but of strength with respect to the management of the information. The really surprising thing, is not that this one perspective has pierced on the industralists, but every time has major pierced in the workers who gear the Organization, so that they contribute to a more agile and effective advance, and to increase the competividad in this one branch of the management. From this one point of view, what horizon of future is the wished one? It is being put in value like competitive advantage, that in time of crisis, where the uncertainty, and the pesimism sometimes prevails, those companies that offer certainty and security in the management of their information, are positioned better than those than do not worry . More info: Verizon Communications. The panorama of a company that does not contemplate management of the security of its information, can have consequences like deficiency of information at the moment in that it is needed, functional deficiencies in the information systems, lack of operational efficiency of the employees. How many times it will have happened to see lack of coherence in the data of a company? If these data are those of the Department of Accounting, he is preferable not to think about the repercussion could have at the time of formulating decisions of business, and still more in these times. Nevertheless, the study of the efficiency in the data processing, like point of revision of a SGSI, allows righter strategic decisions. We remember from AUDEA, as always, that the best one of the defenses is the prevention, reason why the companies can implant a variable number of these systems of management to improve the organization and benefits, although the last objective would have to be to arrive at a unique system of management that contemplates all the necessary aspects for the organization, being based on cycle PDCA of common continuous improvement to all these standards. udea Security of the Information Eduardo Caves Legal department .