Open Source ERP

Open source ERP (alphabetical) Compiere is a community-driven project which develops and supports an open source solution for businesses of the same name. It offers features enterprise resource planning (ERP), management of customer relationships (CRM) and administration of SCM supply chain. Originally based on Compiere, is totally free of proprietary technologies, integrating iText to generate PDF files and supporting the PostgreSQL database. Is currently being fully functional. Compiere is licensed under GPLv2 and has community support and commercial. AbanQ is a modular ERP available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows 2000/NT. It includes its own rapid development platform to adapt the application.At present there continually developing integrated modules for billing, warehouse, treasury management, financial accounting, automotive workshops, training, tpv, control of production (MRP) and also complete support for barcodes. AbanQ (ex FacturaLUX ) is free software, though not free, as is sold under the GPL. There is a lite version, which does not include some modules. CK-ERP is an ERP that includes management of customer relationships (CRM). Open source, consists of twenty modules or applications that include facilities for managing the company accounts, payments, receipts, orders or purchase orders, sales management, contributions received, POS management, human resources management or personnel, payroll, contact management, among others. Their online interface is quite simple but is easily adaptable to the needs of any enterprise.The system must be installed on any system other than Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, PC-BSD, NetBSD, etc. But customers can be on any operating system. Compiere ERP is a free software made for the Anglo market, so it fits in many European and Latin American legislative needs. You need to run proprietary technology, specifically on libraries to generate PDF files used internally, and the virtual machine and libraries from Sun Microsystems. Is currently being fully functional. Compiere is developed under the Compiere Public License (CPL), which allows the passage of such proprietary software two years after its release date.

It is a 100 Java on Oracle database with JBoss application server. GNUe. It is a set of applications FacturaLux style also GPL, which try to meet the needs of an ERP.On the structure and design can be considered an ERP to use as it pursues the integration, modularity and adaptability. Each project is fully developed separately and linked to the rest, maintaining a common core structure. OasisERP , is a management software for small businesses based entirely on free software tools under the GPL license and free distribution. It is developed entirely in Spain. Oasis ERP has versions for Windows (including Window7) and Linux. It is developed in PHP-GTK and PostgreSQL database includes reports generator built into the package. Oasis has been certified ERP OPSO (Open Source Assessment) by the CESLCAM (Center of Excellence for Free Software Castilla la Mancha). Oasis-infodauto is an expanded version of OasisERP which includes modules for the Automotive Sector. Openbravo ERP is a free software developed as fully web based.It is based on an old version of Compiere compatibility with whom he maintains today. Customer support for PostgreSQL databases and Oracle. Available in Spanish and is currently preparing locations in several other languages. No customer has use other than through the web browser. OpenERP. It is an ERP, based entirely on the GPL license and freely downloadable. Although initially developed in Belgium, there is translation into Spanish. OpenERP is intended for use by SMEs, although it has modules such as project management or statistics, more common larger companies. OpenERP is in functional status on Linux and Windows, with over 350 modules in development. OpenERP internally uses a workflow model (workflow), with architecture in three layers. It is developed in Python, PyGTK and PostgreSQL, and also has customers in qt library and a TurboGears-based web frontend.GestiCAM is a localized version in Spanish of this ERP, promoted under Molinux, a Spanish regional distribution of Linux. openXpertya is an open source ERP in Spanish, under the patronage of the Principality of Asturias, and thus particularly suited for the law and Spanish and Latin American market.