Mr Paul

For a long time I thought that I was painting things which did not believe, but the truth is that a part of me, for the simple fact of being an artist, is still a dreamer. I wanted to thank you because your presence has awoken that part which had fallen asleep. I lived in a hell for years, but a so pure as yours presence was enough to make a difference. That’s what I come to thank you tonight. It is not necessary that you say nothing, accepts only the paint and that will be enough-. -Well thanks-.

He responded. He nodded and stood up. – What a pleasant night to walk! If I apologize I am retiring, see you tomorrow. -Mr Paul-. Called by Bela while it rises from his seat. Tomorrow I’ll take someone who can work at home-. Paul lamented but kept her smile. -Of course, forward-.

He responded. -Is that I have another job and I has become heavy enough to do two things, why should I retire from one-. -Understand, good time that worked in my house has been very nice. Teach what is necessary to the person, I do not believe to be there tomorrow so I say goodbye right now-. And he extended his hand. An immense pleasure to meet you. She smiled at him. -It will be up to another time-. -Of course, you already know that my house will not move from place haha. Thank you for everything, even then-. And it was. She followed him with his eyes until you cross the street. He then looked for a while that picture. The next morning Paul woke up very early. He had good cheer and painted a while in his study. Someone touched the door, It meant that it was Bela and recalled that he didn’t want to be at home for when she is out, but forgot that had said to her that it wouldn’t be, the truth had no commitment, but I use that as an excuse. He got up and opened the door. She was with the picture of the previous day in hand. -What tried to say with this box? -. Bela asked him. Because I feel that he says many things and I’m not sure if I am getting the message – well. -I believe that you are receiving the message well, you have sufficient sensitivity to realize things-. She looked again at the box. He vacillated. -If this is true, I need time-. -Leave the box here, my intention was good but for you only works as an obligation, and that is not so. Do not make you feel what you don’t feel. See, you’ve already fulfilled your mission in this House. Be happy-. And you removed the box from the hands. He closed the door of the study and felt how the steps that sounded in the hallway were away. Paul placed the box on a special place. He stared at was it awhile and told him: do not push what won’t, not suffers so not should be, about emotions not send nor the mind, because they have more big reasons that they can see. You are as free as the birds, there is no obligation nor any pressure, so I love says the heart. It is both what I feel that so free I I leave.