Mobile Marketing

What is already known as Web 3.0 which together from the hand of the reduction of the prices of the devices of last generation and ease of connections, has resulted in recent months the expansion of new and complete applications and has managed to capture the attention not only of users, but also of the brands. Penetration figures are very relevant, especially if we take into account that the geolocation-based social networks are still consolidating as inexhaustible sources of information relevant to the identification of needs and interests of the consumers by the brands. While projections for 2011 speak of sustained growth, there is still a long road ahead where aspects related to e-commerce, transparency and treatment of personal data, are still variables that higher levels of optimization and improvement required. In terms of numbers of integrated users, both in relation to revenues, the figures tell us that we are to a trend still in its infancy, where the marks must be scanned as they minimize the lack of interest of users by the reception of offers and promotions through the mobile Web. Geolocation seems to be one of the keys, since it allows tracking of potential clients within the optimal action radii, achieving a penetration globally from the optimization of the local slope.

GPS to identify the exact location of the potential customers, which have contributed to iPhone and Android OS phones the value added of shipping promotions and offers according to the location as the first variable. This makes applications to notify users of various existing offerings within its radius of action that respond to their interests and needs derived from the interaction of these social networks that employ Geolocation. It is of great significance to become aware of the infinite number of underlying opportunities around mobile commerce Marketing. Seen this, we can say that you one of the main challenges and challenges that face the companies and brands focuses on interaction in social networks through mobile marketing campaigns based on the establishment of actions in which feedback contributes to the development of the social fabric, philosopher’s stone of the effectiveness of current strategies. Trust, transparency and response to interests and needs, are recommendations for brands who launch new Mobile Marketing or Social Commerce strategies. Additionally, the adaptation of content to the mobile environment is essential so that users feel comfortable and can enable various options depending on your needs, aspect of great importance for obtaining such information from brands. Mobile Commerce as the social commerce is still in its nascent stages and is the globalization of the localization and transparency in the treatment of privacy, the major challenges that lie ahead for the brands to realize the full potential of a business model with unlimited possibilities.

The video marketing and content marketing is undoubtedly a great ally of the social commerce and will be key to achieving higher than the current conversion ratios. In addition, the new shares of Facebook in which tools designed especially for e-commerce will be integrated with Social CRM. In short, and in conclusion, we can determine that the social commerce is the current trend will grow exponentially this year and the reason is the attraction of users on social networks and online consumption. Brands must understand that the precepts associated to sales have been modified and that is through the creation of linkages and the listener activates as the future of online sales, is weaves through a clearly based conversation in the Me to a conversation based on the We.