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Pros of the Linux hosting the main advantage of the Linux web hosting is of course which is open source and therefore, completely free. Linux Web hosting services are very stable and reliable webhosting based on Linux is cheaper and easier to keep web servers Linux have the flexibility to use extra open source software. Disadvantages of hosting Linux start-up and configuration is difficult as compared to Windows hosting. The Linux hosting can not support platforms of proprietary code from Microsoft, such as ASP. NET and some of the Microsoft FrontPage extensions and last minute deals. The user interface is not so friendly as Windows. In a nutshell a web site owner decides on requirements and codes of programmer, not the operating system.

Therefore, it is your choice to choose Windows or Linux hosting environments. The development environment and design of the website has no connection with the platform on which should be hosted. However, the encoding platform must be compatible with the web hosting platform. Therefore, you must ensure this compatibility before deciding to go ahead with development work. You not should be harmed due to Windows or Linux hosting platforms, since both have their own pros and cons.

It is impossible to choose one of the two as superior, but it is possible to choose the platform according to your needs. Remember that the needs of each owner of a web site are unique. If his close friend is using the Windows webhosting, it doesn’t essentially mean that it would be ideal also for you. The / she may be running a highly interactive site or one based on ASP /. NET, while you may be thinking about creating your web page with basic functionalities such as blog, Gallery online, shopping carts, discussion forums. Therefore, you should choose the hosting environment be based solely on your needs. Get a successful website at the best price, best Linux servers for optimum performance.