Although to be microrganismo of great infectividade, she is of low virulence and pathogenicity (SON, 2000). In natural way ambientee, the bacillus remains viable for 36 hours, varying it enters the 7 9 days in environment with 77,6% of humidity and 36,7 C. The majority of the population is resistant to the infection for the M. leprae, and this resistance is verified by the intradrmica reaction of Mitsuda, that, when positive, it indicates resistance to this type of infection. Ripple shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The incubation period of the bacillus of Hansen after to invade the human organism is of two the five years. At the beginning, the cutaneous injuries reveal as you stain that, when in small located amount or number and, they indicate imunolgica resistance, characterizing the clinical type to paucibacilar of the type tuberculide.

On the other hand, when multiple, diffuse and of inexact limits, they show low or same with the immunity absence, being waited an evolution for the multibacillary type of the type virchowiano. The sick people who show to injuries with these two characteristics meet in the group diformo or boderline (SON, 2000). The Indetermined Hansenase – manifest HI for you stain hipocrmicas, acrmicas, eritematosas or eritmato-hipocrmicas, of inexact contours and limits, with alterations of lgica sensitivity. In some of the cases, they appear only riots of sensitivity in pparently healthy areas. In the injuries of this type, anesthesia or hiperestesia, and alopecia are observed anidrose. Certain motor and sensitive riots are absent for the inexistence of comprometimento of the nervous trunks and the circular cutaneous injuries are generally ovulares or, isolated or confluentes, of changeable localization and number. They appear, in general, in the individuals in direct convivncia with bacilferos patients, acometidos of the forms diforma advanced or virchowiana (SON, 2000). These injuries can remain steady for long time, regredir in 70% of the cases or evolve for other people.