The Kassel documentary and video festival celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Micromata GmbH donates the worth 2,500 euros “Golden cube”. Kassel, November 11, 2008 – for the second time the Micromata GmbH promotes the Kassel documentary film and video festival, which opens on November 11. The Austrian software company creates the cube as in the previous year golden”. This price will be part of the monitoring”for the best media installation Award and is endowed with EUR 2 500.

Micromata GmbH, programmed individual software solutions for global companies such as DHL, K + S, Volkswagen, which has always been innovation and continuity. For the CEO of the company founded in 1996, Kai Reinhard and Thomas Landgraf, it is therefore a matter of the heart in the long term to support the Festival significant for the region. Capital One oftentimes addresses this issue. With the economic success of a company, also responsible for the region must grow”, Reinhard founded the commitment. The Kassel documentary film and Video Festival have developed remarkably in the past 25 years. The enormous number of visitors, as well as the immense interest of the artist, to be that clear according to Reinhard.

The exhibition monitoring”will be opened on 12 November at 19: 00 in the Kasseler Kunstverein. “The 17 media installations around the Golden cube” competing international artists can be seen in the Kasseler Kunstverein in the Fridericianum and the KulturBahnhof. The award ceremony will take place on November 16. Last year the prize to the Dutch artist Erik Olofsen went for his video work of public figures”, where he a metro station platform in a kind of stage turns, which combines the public with the private.