The elctrolypolisis is one of the latest and most effective treatments against cellulite revolutionaries. It is the most advanced system that exists so far in Europe and United States and seeks to replace to liposuction, fat Remover treatment very considered invasive. And how it works? The lypolysis consists of inserts a series of ultra-fine needles parallel in epidermis, i.e. in the first layer of skin. These needles are connected to a computer that is responsible for generating micro low frequency currents, which destroy fat cells. The benefits of this treatment are various among which we can highlight: increased cell activity, destruction and elimination of fat cells, skin toning, stimulation of Microcirculation, among others. Among the advantages is that you can combine with other treatments such as Mesotherapy, reductive massages, etc.

The lypolysis is a recommended treatment for persons having no be considered fat weight poorly distributed, since it is a treatment that refines the parts of the body where cellulite more accumulates and those which may not work with exercises or parts that do not respond to any kind of diet, such as the knees, the part inside of the thighs, etc. For the more desperate seeking effective treatments against cellulite fast, I commented that I results begin to notice from the fourth session. Each session lasts approximately one hour and a half and by an average of 8 to 10 sessions are observed reductions in volume of the area that has been working. By way of example, there are patients who have succeeded in reducing around 5 cms in each thigh or been reduced up to 10 cms of abdomen. There is no contraindication whatsoever, all those women who so wish can undergo this treatment, excluding pregnant women.