Micro Implants

Micro implants in orthodontics. A technique very easy to perform completely painless that simplifies to the orthodontist and patient treatment. With this technical reduce treatment times significantly since the aclaje is done in bone and not teeth. For example, to close a space if we take a fixed point on the bone (microimplants) and one mobile teeth it is evident that only are move what we want teeth, on the other hand if we pull two teeth to close a gap with springs or alastics the is slide getting unwanted dental movement. It is very important to discuss the mini or micro implants not be oseointegran to the bone as implant prosthetic, this means that they are eliminated when the dentist wants. This technique really has given us to Orthodontists and the patients decrease in times of treatment as well as simplicity and better termination aesthetically are imperceptible and really there is no disadvantage or contraindication since everything are benefits; They have an infinite number of uses since in addition to close these spaces are used to close open bites distalize or mesializar dental pieces verticalize slanted pieces, intruir molars etc etc etc. Do not hesitate to contact me if experience you any concerns.