Metaphysical Thought

Because the essence causes that a thing is what another thing cannot be. The essence only causes that such thing is unique. Therefore the being of the man is unique, and no thing can be like the man. The essence opposes to the concept accident. Which makes think several times me, that it is easier to conceive the existence of the universal nature like an accident that the one of the man, since the one of the man it is very far from being an accident by the universal quality, that only owns this and no other being, that is to say the thought. Another necessary cause is the matter, which can materialize the thought of the being and his you see serve like hardware to think to itself. In the material experience the thought can modify its Metaphysical intuitions with the purpose of to include ampler extensions each of the microcosm like of the macrocosmos.

Thus it can think to itself and only allow that other similar beings to think to themselves. The absolute thought no longer thinks to itself because it is already known in his totality. We only thought same. This is the cause by which the absolute thought thinks of us multitude of things each you see that it observes to us and it analyzes. Another cause is the movement by which all the things become. But it ntese that the movement is vital for us the men and the things, but nothing else essential in the universal whole number that brings back to consciousness since the same generates the thought when we can be conscientious of the reality of us like beings and of the reality of the things. Young people in bring back to consciousness keep the spheres from the thought and the experiences of any knowledge. 20 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo In the Metaphysical area it is different.