Medical Abortion

Medical (non-surgical), or as it differently name, "velvet" abortion – is the newest method of abortion without surgical intervention, with the help of the drug Mifegin (Miferpiston, RU486). This drug the last generation has been developed and successfully used for medical abortion in early pregnancy from the first day of missed period – up to 42 days delay is for up to 6 weeks. Further, the effectiveness of the procedure drastically reduced! The basis of preparation is a special ingredient – mifepristone, the locking action of the hormone progesterone, which supports pregnancy. Its mechanism of action is based on the peeling of the embryonic membranes uterine wall. Then, as a result of intensive work of the uterine muscle fertilized egg is expelled from the cavity.

To gain muscle contractions appointed special supporting products (prostaglandins). The advantages of medical abortion 1 abortion can be performed at an early date, thus reducing the risk of serious hormonal imbalance, and 2-abortion performed without surgical intervention. The woman just has to taken under medical supervision special preparation – Mifegin 3 – Mifegien is non-hormonal chemicals. Under its influence the uterine wall thinning and pregnancy can not continue to evolve, and 4 – the uterus and cervix uterus is not subjected to any mechanical stress, which eliminates the risk of damage, 5 – no need for anesthesia, 6 – abortion procedure takes a few minutes and requires no prior preparation of 7 – up after a medical abortion is several times smaller than after any other abortion. Need to take drugs in the presence of a physician, the patient should be under the supervision of medical staff at least two hours after taking the drugs.

After 36-48 hours the patient should undergo ultrasound control, as well as through 8-14 days to arrive at a pelvic exam and ultrasound again to make sure that the complete expulsion of the fetus from the uterus. Effectiveness of the method is 95-98%. We must remember that there is no safe abortion. Each intervention in the body against nature carries a risk of under.