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Fresh wind on Sunne Peider to beginning of the season the St. Petri market in Versmold, to fight for many years which had first “proper” fair of the year, two years ago with severe weather. The present showman had no chance to even remotely profitable revenue thereby in principle. Therefore all feeder of the year 2010 have been approved in the previous year once again and gave up a preview of the event. But this year, the signs are completely different. The 20,000 inhabitants small town Versmold not far located from Bielefeld Petri market with many new products can look forward on a St., that will bring fresh wind into the event.

With a lot of momentum will be then hopefully adopted the winter and spring is located. Because 180 Showmen out far and wide once again around 100,000 visitors to the Carnival fun in the middle of the city from the 24.02. Place champion Indra urban had to fight for that, but premium in advance with a relatively short term cancellation of a season premiere Substitute could be found. Traditionally on Friday, the 24.02 at 13:30 Mayor Thorsten Klute so will invite visitors from a fire ladder with the popular free card distribution on the Town Hall square to the opening of the colourful hustle and bustle world. Konga 1001 night, making the new skyline 2012 the novelty at the St.

Petri market will be the 2012 the CMM swing KONGA from master chef from Dortmund, Germany. Konga offers an impressive and rapid suspended swing fun with up to 100 km/h with a maximum swing height of 45 meters up to 20 passengers. The giant swing only celebrated its world premiere in the summer of the previous year on the Rhine meadows in Dusseldorf to the biggest funfair on the Rhine and has been ever since through their excellently implemented through theming in the jungle design on all places where she performed for art.